Recently the good folks at Bell offered up two lids to be given away to the most deserving of all those who entered the contest. After pouring over the streams of incoming stories about why everyone felt they needed to win, we eventually decided on the two lucky winners.  We asked them to provide us some pictures and a small message. Luckily for us, one is a photographer, since the other is deployed with just a "camera" phone lol.  Surprisingly enough both of the winners chose the same helmet! I guess the RSD design is a hit! Congrats to the both of you, and thanks to Bell Helmets! Big props go out to Bell Helmets for helping to keep our streetfighting brothers and sisters safe on their day to day battles.



VT420's reply

September 21st 2010 I was in a serious motorcycle wreck. I severely damaged my right knee and suffered a fracture to my C1 vertebrae in my neck. I owe my life to the helmet I was wearing that night. I hadn't replaced it yet as I was not riding again yet when I saw the contest on CF giving away the Bell helmets. I thought they were amazing looking lids with good features and safety certifications, so I entered to try to win a replacement for my old helmet which still lives in my garage to serve as a reminder of that night, how close I came to being hurt much worse, and the importance of having a good lid. Also, due to unrelated issues my finances weren't looking that great and purchasing a new high quality helmet at the time would have been quite a stretch.

A huge thank you to Bell Helmets and Custom Fighters for this amazing lid. The paint and graphics works are perfectly done and designed by the one and only Roland Sands, which just makes it that much cooler. Custom Fighters rocks as always and Adam and the rest of the gang have built an amazing community that I am proud to be a part of. The spirit of camaraderie and genuine helpfulness the CF has is second to none. Bell Helmets has really done a good thing in reaching out to the CF community and I would love to see their continued support of Custom Fighters in the future. I will definitely suggest Bell Helmets when any of my friends or coworkers say they are looking for a new lid, it's the least I can do to try to repay them for providing this awesome lid.



Madmadame's Reply: 
Ok. So, once upon a time, in a galaxy that was really only a couple hours away, I purchased a helmet. For less than $120, it was a pretty good deal. Really lightweight, very well vented, had LED lights on the back (which was a very good thing, considering I do a majority of my riding at night). That helmet served me well…..for about 4 ½ years. Little birdie once told me that you’re supposed to get a new one a little more often than that………. (oops.) It was great, right up until I was riding a motorized folding scooter down a city street one night and got very abruptly cut off. The brakes on said scooter had never had much in the way of performance-up until that very second, that is. They decided at that instant that they would, in fact, stop, and that I would continue the forward motion I had so previously enjoyed-sans scooter. It’s a good thing that I was wearing my personal helmet instead of the company provided half helmet, for I decided it would apparently be a good idea to attempt to stop my progress with my face. Great, for my face-but not so great for my helmet. No biggie, a new shield and a Sharpie to color in the scratch marks and I was on my way. About a year and a half later, I got cut off AGAIN (did I mention I lived in Atlanta at the time?) and there was no 20-foot slide on my face this time, just a bounce or two on the back. Hey, awesome-I don’t have to buy a new shield this time! Now, where did I put that Sharpie…….Fast forward to recently, when Bell sponsored a VIP-only contest on It was easy to enter; all I had to do was state why I needed a new helmet. I entered, not really holding out a lot of hope that I would actually win. Try and imagine my surprise when they announced the two winners of the contest, and I was one of them! Amazement doesn’t quite begin to cover it. I don’t know if the words “thank you” begin to cover the gratitude I feel towards both Bell and CF right now, but I can sure try-
This helmet is AMAZING! It fits great, looks great, and is just all around awesome. I even had someone comment to me one day that it looks more solid than my other one-which is true! It’s vented quite nicely as well, which will really come in handy once the sultry Southern summer days return. I am truly humbled by the thought that there are still some people in this world that are truly so giving as to be able to freely offer something as wonderful as this. It’s so hard these days to save up enough money to get a helmet that’s really worth it, and honestly my old one really wasn’t up to par anymore with the age, wrecks, and various other drops/falls/etc.

In short (because I know you’re waiting for me to shut up), words cannot fully express my gratitude. They really can’t. “Thank you”  just seems…..inadequate. But, that’s what society dictates is an acceptable response, so it will have to do.

To Bell, and to all of Custom Fighters,
Thank you. For everything.Michele Monroe
aka MadMadame