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Hi Guys.

so I made up my own boots with some silicone hose. do they have to be the same length as the original ones? I cut mine 10mm longer! Bike seems to be running lean on slow jet circuit now!!(bogging at 50mph also exhaust pop when rollin off the throttle) could be unrelated but just taught I would ask. only mod on bike, down pipes and stubby can, standard air filter.

btw way did I cut them 10mm longer???? well that's the million dollar questions:doh:

This could be unrelated to the length of the intake rubbers, i ocurrs to be than by using hose you now have a step down from the carbs to the hose shortly followed by a step up from the hose to the head IE its no longer a smooth transfer of fuel ................ i could be unrelated but worth considering

Your problem could just as easily be badly set carbs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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