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What the hell I'm in too! Looks like we need some old school entries this month :D
1978 KZ650
-05 SV 650 Front end
- Triples, Forks, Wheel, Brakes, Modded Fender,
- CBR Clip Ons
- Vintage 60's Grand Turismo Grips, Bar end Mirrors, original controls
- 1930's? Headlight
-05 SV650 Rear End
- Swinger, shock, wheel, brake, Subbie and Tail
- Modded stock seat
- LED Tail Light
-04 ZX6 Rearsets, custom mounting brackets
-4-1 exhaust, Wrapped Header
- DanMoto Gauge
- Custom Paint
- Lots of Misc Machining and wire splicing.
- 5 skinned knuckles and copious amounts of Cursing

EDIT* This pic for Voting Please v

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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