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Last month to enter for 2015!!!

Include 4-8 pics. Decent lighting and resolution.
List the mods and any info about the bike.
Note the pic you would like to be used for voting.
Include a name for the bike, if you want.

It must be your bike, and you must have at least 50 posts.

Voting goes up on the 21st, or as close as I can get to the 21st.

All non entry posts, and posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted.

Remi's Dad
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1977 kz650 long time project

back in 2010? when i first unloaded it from the truck

use this one \/

1989 gsx600f engine
triumph daytona 675 swingarm
r1 shock/custom linkage
900rr rear wheel
f3 front wheel
zx9r 46mm RWU forks
kz650 modified tank
1982 gpz seat
aftermarket kz1000 tail fairing modified

:fu: projects this month eh?

old fart
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sod it, wasnt going too, as i already have my GS1157 as a winner this year, but am going to enter the latest evolution of my CB893RR into the last battle of the year.

She has been in the family for over 7 years now, Started life with me as a very near stock CB600F Hornet, never seems to be finished, dont think she ever will be, I am always finding something or other to "adjust"

No5 for voting please

THINGS DONE (up to date)


CBR900RRS 893cc fireblade

35mm Kehine FCR Carbs running 35 & 55 stacks,

hornet 600 carb rubbers

Ram Air pod filters,

CB900F coils, leads & plug caps,

Iridium spark plugs,

Nearly all bolts changed for stainless steel,

painted with PJ1 silk engine and case paint, All cases powder coated gloss black,

Arrow s/steel race system headers, Custom exhaust mid pipe made by Zorstec

SP engineering carbon stubby exhaust can with hand made custom can hanger bracket,

Crank case breather with custom oil catch tank & K&N filter fitted,

S/steel braided coolant hoses and anodised hose fittings throughout,

alloy adapter fittings welded to radiator, water pump, thermostate housing & hose inlet on front of block,

Alloy adaptor plate made to allow thermostate housing hose to run round upper part of engine,

SSR Carbon fibre sprocket cover,

"Flow" alloy bodied S/steel cleanable oil filter,

CB600F harness cut and adapted to take CBR ECU/engine,

Yamaha R1 Mosfed regulator/rectifier fitted to replace stock honda unit,

Titanium magnetic sump bolt,


CBR1000RR 10 Wheel, forks, brake calipers, Brake master cylinder, mud guard

S/steel front caliper mounting bolts,

Armstrong wave front discs,

S/steel bleed nipples and banjo bolts,

Alloy yokes, bar risers and steering stem custom made by IZAK's (uk) with 25mm step and extra deep bracing,

Gillera DNA 125 nose unit,

CRG gold shortie levers,

CRG supersport Clutch perch,

Goodridge custom braded brake hoses,

Motogadget Motolight Digital dash,

Motogadget Motosign light unit,

Blue LED water temp guage,

Motrax mirally mirrors,

Renthal gold Ultra low bars and grips with brace,

Gold anodised bar ends,

Arrow steering damper (custom mount)

Venhill braided S/Steel throttle cable . also used as over braid for rear brake wiring and speed senser wire cover.

Gold anodised fork preload adjusters from germany (e-bay)

Titanium front spindle nut,

Titanium pad holder pins,

EBC HH sintered brake pads

HRC quick action throttle


CB600F powder coated hornet frame "adjusted" for blade engine, all mounting plates/adapters hand made by me,

Hornet rear sub frame removed and replaced with hand built alloy sheet sub frame,

Race seat unit (CBR1000RR)

Seat pad with honda wing logo,

VFR800 swingarm (shock mount fabricated and fitted by GIA Engineering, with thanks to Dudeskin)

Ducati 1098 wheel, hub, Renthal quick release sprocket carrier and brake caliper

New tank fitted with "Tank Shop" twin alloy(race) fuel filler caps,

Goodridge braded s/steel tank breather with non return valve,

Hornet expansion tank removed and replaced with hand made alloy tank mounted where battery used to sit,

Head bearings replaced with taper rollers,

Swing arm mounting plates moded and powder coated,

Chrome swing arm pivot caps fitted,

Scott oiler with Braided feed tube and custom feed nozzle,

Gilles gold adjustable rear sets with custom alloy heel plates,

Renthal CBR900RR 14t front sprocket,

Renthal Gold 530 SRS chain,

Titanium sprocket holder bolts

Titanuim sprocket nuts

Titanium custom hub pinch bolt,

Titanium pad holder pins,

Ohlins 46HCRS rear shock,

Alloy shock ressy & pre load adjuster brackets,

Mini LED indicators (front)

Clear LED rear light unit, (integrated indies)

most electrical connectors changed for water proof items,

C&G crash mushrooms,

Scorpion s/steel radiator shield,

G-craft rear brake fluid tank,

Hel s/steel braided brake hose,

Hel In line brake pressure switch,

Goodridge hose clamps,

Braketech S/steel full floater rear wavey disc for ducati 1098r,

Nissin 4 piston rear caliper,From an MV F4, to be fitted (again) soon

S/steel bleed nipples and banjo bolts,

Hand made alloy No plate mount, with LED plate light,

Fuel line dry brake connecter,

LiPo light weight battery,

Repsol Rep Paint job done by C.A.H. Racereps of Brompton-on-swale,

seat unit paint by Arnie at Pro Kustom paints.

Is my bike ok?
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Saw this yesterday and decided ''why not?''..... came home to post up and... :fu: Steve!

Anyway. This pic of it clean for voting, I reckon.

Edit: oops.... 1980 CB 750F

Work NOT done by me:
- 823cc Wiseco high compression.
- ported 750 head
- 900 cams
- 900 trans/clutch - Barnett innards
- 900 oil pump,pan and cooler
- Dyna coils
- F3 trees fitted + bar mounts
- PC'd frame
- Frame bracing
- Rubber engine iso's replaced with solid bits
- Rear shock lift
- Dents in tank

Work done by me:

- F3 forks, rim and brakes
- F3 rear rim and req. wheel spacers
- Required sprocket spacers needed for chain run
- Lowered factory headlight
- Trailtech gauge thingy
- GSXR carburetor swap
- CB1100F ignition cover after I ate sh!t and ground the stock one off
- Chipped sidecover from the aforementioned sh!t eating
- Bar end mirrors my gf gave me for Christmas- also modified from the aforementioned sh!t eating
- Twisted side stand also from the get the point...
- Stock taillight converted to integrated turn/tail unit
- Decent pipes
- Cheap,small front winkers
- Poorly fitted,trimmed front fender with cracking/peeling paint
- Finally replaced glued together seat cover
- More dents in the tank


Night Crawler
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This is nearly finished visually so may as well post it up.
2nd to last photo to be used please. Call it 'Electric NC24'

AC15 induction motor - Direct drive with regen
Curtis 550A controller
28x60ah LiFe batteries - 90V pack
DC-DC converter

New subframe
New stressed member
Profile cut motor mounts
Aluminium battery box
Aluminium welded/riveted front guard
Aluminium headlight housing for single headlight with solenoid activated high beam
Controller chill plate with machined water course
Custom hall effect sensor speedo (fed to arduino uno and displayed on backlit LCD in custom circular housing. Code chopped up from internet sources.
RFID access.
New tires, bearings, brake lines, fork oil/seals, brake seals etc.
LED indicators and tail light - entirely new wiring harness with 12v auxiliary battery charged by the main pack

Things to do:
Better cooling for motor
Water cool controller if I manage to hack it :)
Make speedo more accurate, use larger text.

Bike reaches max motor rpm at 142 km/h in its 1 gear which happens to be 88mph, just fast enough for time travel according to the Back To The Future doco.

Fun to ride but I'm pretty sure its got very conservative firmware on it, gotta fix that.
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