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I decided to get the case covers powder coated. I thought(where things went wrong) that the clutch release roller bearings had a plastic cage and would not survive the heat from the powder coating process. Had I know they were metal cages they would have been left alone.

Moving on. Another member on tried a blind bearing slide puller, but the tool was not long enough to reach the bottom bearing.

Thanks to Lightsdarkness for the pic

somehow he was able to remove it, but I succeeded in only removing the cage and the race wasn't budging. after many F-bombs and ranting, I cooled off and began thinking critically.

What you'll need

--work bench (for securing the tool)
--Propane torch (to heat/expand the aluminum cover to make removing the bearing race easier)
--Grinder for shaping concrete anchor
--wrench for bolt
--needle nose vise grips
--Expanding concrete anchor(you'll have to measure for you application. mine took a 1/2" diameter with 3/8" threads
--long bolt or all thread to fit concrete anchor
--nut to fit bolt
--washer to fit bolt
--small piece of steel
--electrical tape to protect outer bearing race from getting scarred

You'll want to grind two flats in the end of the concrete anchor where the bolt is threaded into it so the vise grips can get a purchase on it.

On the expanding end, you'll need to grind a ring so when it expands, it grips the bearing race. don't mind there being two rings, I started grinding the first one too far on the concrete anchor.

continued in next post.....


Elbow Grease is Cheap
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Now with your bolt or all thread secured to your workbench, assemble the parts as such:

-Scrap steel or second washer. If a piece of steel, drill a hole through it and de-bur the edges to keep from marring the outside of the cover. this stays stationary so the first washer doesn't mar the outside of the cover.
-tape to keep the threads from scarring up the outer bearing race
-concrete anchor

using the needle nose vise grips, tighten the anchor until it expands enough to grip the bearing race.

Snug up the nut on the outside of the cover.
I also put some electrical tape between the scrap steel to further protect the outside of the clutch cover.

Heat the aluminum for a couple of minutes around the bearing race until it gets pretty hot.

When it becomes hot to the touch, begin to tighten the outer nut.
the bearing race will slowly be pulled from the cover.

VICTORY IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

There ya go. for about $10 in hardware and a bit of ingenuity, you've got bearing puller.


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You know the great thing about this can reconfigure it to reinstall those bearings as well!

Same kind of deal. The washer are there to prevent any marring of the bearing/surrounding surfaces from the nuts
Tape on the threads to protect bearing surfaces.

Notice the old pair of jeans that the cover is sitting on, yeah, you'll want to take care to not scuff up the outside of the cover. :)

Nut>Washer>Bearing>(Bearing surface)>Washer>Nut

For ease of installation, I left the cover out in the sun(expansion) for a couple hours while the bearings stayed in the freezer(contraction)

You will have to keep the bolt stationary while tightening the end nut and the bearing will slowly be pressed home. :rock:

Thought I had more pictures, but don't.

I did the internal bearing first, the used the same technique for the outer bearing.

This one shows the final product before the hardware removed.



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