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Well I picked up this 1990 suzuki dr350s last week from a co worker, it needs a whole lot of work to say the least but I think I can do something with it.
My plan right now is to make a little around town sumo

The bad!!!
Cracked right side engine case
Broken kickstart mechanism
Torn/ripped seat
Blown rear shock
Rusted gas tank
Missing plastics

The good!!!
Motor turns over when rotated by hand
Honestly that's the only positive I can find.

Weld up the engine case
385cc big bore kit
Head port and polish done by me
Can regrind
Rmz450 usd front forks
Rmz450 Triple tree with dr stem pressed In
Warp9 rmz450 17" front wheel
Rmz450 320mm big brake kit
Warp9 17" rear rim laced up to my stock hub
Rmz450 rear fender
New seat cover
Acerbis plastic gas tank

This is just a fun little project that's going to end up costing a lot of money lol

On to the pics
The day that I picked it up

The seat

And the cracked engine case

Hopefully I can weld this back up because finding them second hand is next to impossible in good shape and they only sell them in sets new for 700$
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