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In line with the best motor thread, what components would you all choose to build your dream streetfighter? Money no object, exactly as you can think it up. I'll go first.


Custom stacked tube frame, mimicking the stock Daytona 675 frame, with an adjustable head stock. Swinger a twin tube gullwing style with bolt in slots for extending the wheelbase when drag racing/topspeed running


Daytona 675 engine with Rotrex supercharger, running 10psi boost through an intercooler where the radiator should be. Stroked crank to bring it to 750cc, tapered titanium under engine exhaust with triple exit a la MV Agusta 675.

-Wheels & Suspension

Fat Ohlins front forks with Nissin 4 pot radial calipers, custom wave discs, Marzocchi forged rims, 5 Y spoke design. Ohlins TTX rear shock with matching Marzocchi rim.


Full carbon MV Agusta 675 style tank with an integrated, Ducati 848 style tail. Radiator plumbed into the back half of the seat unit with integral coolant pipes built into the bodywork. Aggressive carbon mudguard to match the tank. All painted a lovely Triumph Roulette Green.


Stacked projector headlights. Billet titanium headlight mounts a la Madass headlights. Indicators built into side edges of the tank. Integrated tail light. Motogadget M button switches, NFC main switch and starter switch. Custom app running through HTC One cellphone for clocks with multiple modes and options for what information gets displayed how.

That'd be my dream bike. I'm building most of it really with my current Street Triple, but this is how I'd do it if I had all the money, parts, and engineering prowess in the world. God, it'd be lovely.

Commander Cool
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blown TLS, super light steel frame, ohlins all around, stupidly short wheelbase and slightly longer than normal but not motard length suspension. lights.. as basic as they can be. made for corner destroying and wheelies

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ordinarily i would just say something along the lines of kirk's fotm (v4, heavy suspension, and dual sport tires) but since money's no object i'm thinking a little more outside of the box... :voodoo:


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Pretty much what I am building now:


Chopped down dual shock converted 1st gen Bandit 1200


Mildly turbocharged 1216cc A/O with fuel injection. Built to the hilt with the best of the best parts for longevity though. I'm not trying to break the local dyno's, or my wallet, but 245hp regularly and reliably is what I aim for lately.

Wheels & Suspension

Ohlins/Ducati forks with Marchesini wheel, Brembo (calipers) and Galfer (rotors). Out back a set of Ohlins shocks and a ZRX swingarm with a matching Marchesini and Brembo setup. Classy as it gets for a ratty bike in my opinion.


GSXR slingshot tank, GPz600R seat pan with very custom upholstery work to keep ya from coming off the thing when it takes off, BMW R100RT tail section modified a bit as well. 80's BMW R series red paint with gold pin striping (to match the ohlins bits) just like the stock Bandit and BMW came with. Simple and elegant. :)


Autometer 5" tach center up, boost, volts, oil, etc. stacked around it in a triangular shape kinda like the stock GSXR A/O gauge plate size/shape. Again, simple and elegant. Nothing terribly fancy. A 4x6 square headlight would reside just behind a clean number plate as well to tidy up the front end. Button style turn signals stashed a bit, but just visible enough to be sorta road legal. And a basic 2x6 Honda tail light tucked way up into the tail with provisions for a license plate mount just under it to keep it as high and tight to the tail as possible while still being visible enough to just scratch the surface of road legal.

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A Titan T500 engine built to the gills ( ported, crank stuffers...the works) with some nasty, raspy sounding chambers stuffed in a motard. Any motard. I don't care. I just want a rat nasty parallel two stroke twin to rip with. I love the angry sounds they make

I'll need a pair of 17's and a pair of full on knobbiest. I like twisties but I miss dirt.

And after that ... the same engine between a girder and plungers. Hell yeah, I'm turned on now.

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So many bikes id like to build. Id crash this site if I tried to list them all.

Remi's Dad
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aluminum zrx1200

crossplane r1
titanium header
acropovic ti mid-pipe/upper
dual undertail carbon muffs
k&n filters
remove smog crap
(basically keep it simple)

stock zrx arm with bitubo dual shocks
RWU ohlins
brembo monoblocs
bst carbon wheels

stock tank with endurance racer dual gas caps
stock headlight shroud covered in CF
z900 tail with corbin gun fighter seat/undertail mufflers
lots of carbon fiber, and black paint
superbike bars
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