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Dual 4 inch H4 headlight (kit's) 4-sale

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I've decided to change my lighting on both my bikes. I have 2 dual 4 inch headlight kits that were purchased from Aztec8. One kit has been mounted on my GSXR for about 6,000 miles. I replaced the bulbs with Silverstars and upgraded to high temp plugs. This kit is used but still in very good shape. The fork clamps are 54mm and the signals are included. $140 shipped for this kit. The second kit is new, installed but never ridden with original bulbs and plugs. I bought this kit for my 900RR. I can't remember the fork clamp size but I think it's either 41 or 43mm. I'll find out for sure if someones interested. I want $140 + shipping for this kit also. It's like brand new, just been sitting in my cabinet. These kits go for over $200. I will also consider selling either set without the brackets. If you want just the lights, make me an offer.


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Thanks a lot!
Lucky fucker lol I just bought the other set, I gotta have my machinist make me some fork clamps for my 43mm's
1 - 2 of 23 Posts