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You would get everything in the group photo:
Cbr900rr front TT3 dymag 3.5 x 17" @ ~6.5lbs (magnesium)
Hawk specific TT3 SSSA rear, 5.25 x 17" @ 9.25lbs (magnesium)
Spindle, which has a slight modification to work with the rear. The pins have some imperceptible, but necessary offset from 100mm PCD.
2 sets of rotors, some old but good condition Galfers, and an OEM 900rr set (as shown in the thread) I recommend to get them refinished and looking new.
The valve stem and rubbers which were removed from the front are included
A set of 90 deg red valve stems from Kurvey Girl if you want them

Some notes:

I am sure the front is compatible with CBR600F3, CBR600F4, pre '97 CBR900rr, and probably most Hondas with 20mm axles which run 296mm rotors. Of course, anything is possible with enough effort.

The story:

I bought the front as a set which were bent. I has the front straightened (by Frame Straight), it has been inspected, and just needs paint and reassembly. It has some light tarnish in the repair area (the lip), from sitting since I had this done.

The rear belonged to a guy named Josh Longawa, who I guided to the forum. He sold the set to Slo1. The front had some corrosion, so Dale sent it out to get powder coated or something, and it was ruined by a baster inexperienced with Mag. We hounded each other for a while for the remaining match, and he finally caved. The rear has a few bubbles under the paint (as shown in the photos) and so it could probably use a refinish as a precaution. This damage is limited, and I would not hesitate to use this wheel. Dale did run it for a while, but I have not.

So the wheels could benefit from a repaint, to whatever matching color you prefer. Powder Coating is not recommended, as often the solvents or media are too harsh. Most critically, you do not want to get to 'bare metal', as you do not want to remove all of the dichromate base coating - I recommend sending them to someone who has experience with these things, or at least asking the experts:

If buy them, and they are not what you expected or wanted for any reason, I will refund your purchase (less shipping) upon return of the parts in good condition.

I know it sounds like a lot, and I realize that there is some elbow grease in getting these all set up - however these bad boys are pure unobtanium. A new set like these costs somewhere over $3500 today (, which means they pretty much don't exist. I have never seen another Hawk-specific set besides the ones Hord has on his bike. I have two other sets of magnesium wheels, and I paid at least 50% more for those, and they did not come with rotors!

Asking ~$1k

I am willing to entertain offers, provided you are not gonna get all butt-hurt if I decline. Maybe you can tell me a compelling story why you need these so you can beat the SV guys (no I will not sell them to you for $100, Six). My motivation to sink $$ to get these finished up is low because, well I have other Magnesium wheels. Maybe you can wear me down.

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Oh my. I had a little look at a set of Dymag TT3's that were for sale when I was tracking down a swingarm for the first iteration of my 900RR back in 2011. The guy bought them and they sat in the package in his basement for years before he dug them up. Pictures do no justice to how incredible they are... I'll even go as far as to say they are twice as cool as PM Chicanes... and right around twice the price. :D

The ones I got to check out were 17x3.5 and 17x6.25. I've never seen a lighter weight set of wheels in person.
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