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DZC...needs your help...

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...for the rear brake line kits. Recently, one of the members here bought a kit and reported to me that it did not fit his rear master's inlet. His bike was a Honda I think. The problem with selling a lot of stuff on the Zuki boards and owning Zuki' that is what I made my products around and are not really familiar with features of other bikes and their inlets. A vast majority of the Zuki's use the same exact inlet, even if their master is different...and a hose with an ID of 10mm works well.

So, anyone with any bike...just as long as you can get to, doing a brake flush and already have the res empty.....if you can measure the OD( Outside diameter) of the inlet, past the bulbed out part that the hose goes over....and get me that measurement, along with what bike its from...year/make/model. Iwould greatly appreciate it.

Luckily, Ronayers is a great database...and I often use that to see what works on what bikes.

I will start stocking materials for other manufacturers...with different size inlets. Thanks again.

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