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oooohhhh man,

I don't know what to say. I'm just so glad I could find a bunch of enthusiasts that are well organized and big time fanatics of this distinguished styling and reinvention of motorcycle design (If i may sound so snoody.)

I'm postin Kudava below so you all can take a look at her. I don't normally name anything but it kinda came with the name as i was buying it second hand plus the name grew on me as it also kind of sounds like "fuck" in my moms language and you kind of heard it a lot in my house when i was a kid.

Right now Kudava is all apart because i was doing the valve clearances, which surprisingly were pretty good for a bike with 40k miles on it.

she is 2k suzuki gsxr600 and ive had her since she was a little 4k mileage reader.

As far as stock maintenance goes, I plan to change the rotors, brake lines, sprocket and chain.

but since all those can be customizable accents, I thought I'd wait till the final picture of what I was going to do cleared in my head. I've been lurking on here since friday and have this website bookmarked since I don't know when. I have a whole folder of inspirational work saved onto my desktop after spending a night browsing photos. I have my technical questions which i will be asking. first I gotta hope I did this valve clearance right and figure out why she is not kicking on all the time.


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Welcome to CF cinco7even! You've definately found the right place to come for communing with like-minded people. Nice intro & pic, so I repped you.....;)
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