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Entry deadline is the 21st of November



All Entries MUST Include:
  • A streetfighter you own
  • 4-8 pictures of the bike
  • List of modifications you have done
If you dont meet the requirements, your post will be deleted.

Winners will be featured on the home page of our site, and will be placed in the FOTM Gallery to memorialize your win forever!
You will also receive a "forum award" that shows up under your posts and on your profile on the site!


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Ok,...might as well have a go at this!


started with an engine on the floor!

Mistral Tuned head and bored to 1200cc, JE Piston conversion
Blackbird frame
GSXR1000 radiator, home made bracket to mount Blackbird oil cooler below with X11 oil lines
Fireblade front end complete, Goodridge brake and clutch hoses
Angular twin spots with led position light to keep MOT man happy
Drag bars, Bird resevoirs with black levers
VFR750 swingarm with braided hose running through the arm. VFR 750 wheel
Aftermarket rearsets, billet res pot
Blackbird petrol tank with side panels from ( fukin expensive!)
TDM850 rear seat plastics.
Seat plastic made from half a TDM850 seat base and half a bird seat base, welded together with a soldering iron
standard subframe cut and re welded to uit angle of the frame.
Billet fuel cap
K&N filter
Aftermarket exhaust system cut down and fitted with shortened oval endcan.
Battery repositioned behind barrels. other electrics mounted under subframe.
Undertray hand cut and bent using a set of ladders and my elbow.
Airbox intakes cut down and re routed to stop airflow problems.
I'm sure theres other stuff...but getting bored of typing!

all done by my garage (except 2 welds, seat upholstery and dyno time)

LOW budget build....Dyno tested at 161bhp...and it made it to IOM TT and back without missing a beat, but spinning up the rear whenever I wanted!




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Mine started life as a 93 Suzuki Katana GSX600F

Then my friend wrecked it.

He then sold it to me for 100 bucks. I turned it into the KAT Bomber.

She's mean. She's tough. She's mine. If you don't respect her she will throw you off and keep going. Trust me it happened to me. When we started goin down the road again I showed respect.

The mods list includes.

2001 Yamaha R6 Clutch Lever
2006 Honda CBR600 Clutch Cable
Custom Machined Cable Adjuster
Cheapo Interwebz windscreen/headlight/turnsignal deal, with the lights ripped out and replaced with driving lights.
2001 SV650S tail section and tail light with 10 gauge sheet metal undertray.
2 led light strips for added running light and turn signal on the rear.
10 gauge sheet metal sides to hide the ugliness that is the remaining bit of subframe.
Kitty Litter pail plastic gauge pod.
Relocated gas gauge again put into a Kitty Litter pail plastic gauge pod.
Bandit (400 I believe) front fender flipped around to make it look as fat as the rest of the bike.
Side mounted license plate with custom hand made mounting bracket.
^Lighted by an old flush mount turn signal light mounted to the chain guard.
K&N Pod Filters
Dynojet Jet Kit
CRG Bar End Mirrors
Cleaned up the damaged full Yoshi system and took the packing out of the can. Replaced all rivets with cool black screws to give it a meaner look.
The 50HP adding Skully and Knucks were taped and cut with razor by me before painting.

Dozens more pictures on my profile here.

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Project Wesisuki 7/12 Link to the thread.

Frame: 1989 GSXr750K
Engine: Bandit 1200
Wheels: Bandit 1200 chromed
Forks:GSXR1100m with one off shrouds.
Swingarm: JMC underbraced.
Dynojet stage 3 with K&N Filters
Hayabusa Calipers. Ducati 916 rear brake.
Airtech RGVgp Replica seat.
Lots of one off Machined parts.

Then there's two sets of standard 1100m bodywork.
The bike has three guises now, so bear with me. Loads of pictures. Check out the thread.

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By null at 2010-11-09

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man... these bikes always blow my mind.. but i figured "what the hell i havent tried posting mine yet"!

my mods cant compare to all of the contestants or the past winners (congrats by the way)

my bike has light mods ( or accessories haha) but the list goes:

2004 z1000

integrated taillight/turnsignals.. front l.e.d blinkers
hot grip heated grips
crg bar end mirror
crg levers
Driven Sprockets (0,+2) with D.I.D 525 chain
corbin seat
full muzzy system with cut down pipe
spiegler brake lines
B.B filled handlebars
kawasaki frame slides
kawasaki aluminum case covers
pcIII with custom map
K & n filter with airbox mod
sprint pro race steering stabilizer
reflective rim tape
rattle can paint job that i am still proud off with pin striping


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This is phase 1 of my build project.

1997 suzuki GSF-600 s Bandit

started like this

phase 1 completed

Completely custom subframe and electronics trey to fit the ducati monster tail.
acerbis cyclops headlight
bandit 1200 gas tank with fuel meter
dropped out the 97 motor for a newer 2001 gsf600
2001 carbs with throttle position sensor
after market exhaust with cut down can
pod filters and jet kit tuned to my filters and exhaust
custom aluminum battery box
black drag bars
ducati led tail light with integrated turn signals
wider back tire
changed both sprockets for more torque
custom exhaust hanger for mounting from back of rear set

my build thread

all feed back is wanted and welcome!!!!!!!

phase 2 coming soon. im gonna break it down again over christmass/new years

powder coat frame and engine covers
new busa front end is going on finally (already sitting in my garage)
swapping my 6 for a gsf 1200 engine (already sitting in my garage)
new braced aluminum swing arm with wider back tire (already sitting in my garage)
as well as a new headlight and gauges.
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