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This is the LAST FOTM OF THE YEAR!!!! All FOTM winners of '09 will be entered in the 2009 Fighter of the Year Contest, so if you haven't won an FOTM this year... THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE COVETED FIGHTER OF THE YEAR!!!

We are extending the entry deadline until the 21st from now on, since we get plenty of votes with the forced read.



Deadline for entries: December 21st, 2009

All Entries MUST Include:
  • 4-6 pictures of the bike
  • List of modifications you have done
As the month goes on, if I see entries that don't meet the requirements, I will try to notify those people so they may fix their entries, but on the 21st, any entries that don't meet the requirements, will be removed from the contest.

The winner will receive an XPO Streetfighter's Tshirt


A set of Driven Racing Skull Gel Grips from

In addition, your bike will be featured on the home page of our site for the whole next month, and will be placed in the FOTM Gallery to memorialize your win forever!
You will also receive a "forum award" that shows up under your posts and on your profile on the site, not to mention you will earn more respect and reputation in this fabulous community of fighterers!


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1995 aircooled twin GS 500 E - my build thread

list of mods:
-triumph speed triple sssa
-aprilia RSV usd
-TL1000S yokes
-modified frame
-custom made subframe and tail
-custom made exhaust
-custom made rev cout with digi tacho
-custom made "face" (out of a painball mask and a safety helmet)
-custom made cone air filters
-modified tank
-led tail light
-custom made sets

171kg wet

future plans : torquier gr 650 engine, weight reduction

first pic - my twin when I bought it


The Fly
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My bike.

list of mods:
Abm/Spiegler streetfighter kit
steelbrakelines front
Frontmudguard signalleds
front signals
Digital tacho
Sebring Exhaust
Black reflective wheelstriping
other subframe
rubber seat
Tubbing over the watertubes
keylock put aside left of the bike
Put all the wiring inside the bike
Painted the engine black
Rizoma handelbar wheights
Rizoma handelbar gashandels
led runninglights in the back of seat and in front of reartire
led signals in the wings aside the seat
led stoplight in the rear of the seat
Led licenseplaat lights
no paint but Carbonwrap all over the bike
Frontlight of a Suzuki GSXR 1000
steelcarbvent tubes at the rear in front of the tire
Heelguards of a Triumf

And here the pic's:




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might as well give it a go , nothing ventured n all that

as i bought it

how it ended up

then nailed back together


engine has gone from a 750 to a 1216 low comp
rayjay b flow turbo
plenum by me
all pipework by me
wastegate by me
lockup clutch by me
billet engine covers by me
windowed cover by me
hsr45 carb
billet oil filter
billet camchain tensioner by me
billet yokes
integral bars
billet levers
mini lights
zx10r forks , brakes and wheel
german mud guard
bought in spikes on muddie
home made spikes on yoke
frame widened by 40mm at swingarm pivot
braced at headstock and subframe mount
one off shock mounts and linkage
r6 shock
braced vfr arm
4wd wheel
240 tyre
r1 rear caliper on one off mount
side mounted plate
modified r6 subframe
r6 race seat cowl
one off seat
aluminium and stainless electric trays
zx6r rear light
gsxr1000 rearsets on adaptor plates
heavily modified 750 tank
916 steering damper on one off mount
home knitted paint job
stickers from my mate deeks
hel oil cooler
brackets by me
frame mounted boost gauge
car style ignition (no button)
one off loom by eds

might be more , can't remember

i went without food , worked long hours , scrimped , saved etc etc to build this , done near everything myself , this is not a big money build

and it does this now


Rat Fighter
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Some awsome bikes entered this month! I'll throw my R6 back into the mix for the last round FTM this year.

YZF-R6 Rat

'99 frame, subframe
'05 R6 swing arm
'00 R1 forks and lower triple
'05 R6 shock and linkage
one off top clamp with risers and one piece bar clamp
renthal fat bars
stock rear sets w/ one off pegs

'05ish R6 wheels (their all the same)
'03 R6 rotors
'99 front calipers (brembos with custom mount plates in the works)
'05 R6 rear caliper
goodrich stainless lines

'99 motor.......lapped head, dual intake cams, +4 ing. advance, nrc race covers
'05 R6 radiator w/ gsxr overflow in the tail
'03-'04 R6 exhaust w/ mod.can
jetted carbs
gp shift
1/4 turn throttle

modified/hidden loom
relocated ingition
'09 haybusa control (puts all electronic controls on one side)
yzt-7 battery
the cheezey newbie fighter acerbis light

all one off work designed and manufactured by me
I'm sure I missed a thing or two but it is built to ride. :metal:


Eff Tee Pee
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bump for entrants.
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Eff Tee Pee
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bump. last day to enter.

Eff Tee Pee
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ab will post the thread tomorrow im sure! jsut sent a message. thanks fly!
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