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My 1996 Zx9r: B3M4

MSR Dirty Bars with custom Al risers
R6 throttle cable with Universal throttle tube
Sigma BC509 Speedometer
Custom Al milled fork clamps for headlight bracket
Airbox drilled for float bowl pressure mod
Carb jetting/tuning/sync
Army canteen overflow resi
Faze Water Temp gauge
-1 Front Sprocket (JT)
Ignition relocated behind license plate
Eliminated electronic hand controls -> custom wiring harness to implement red start button/2 killswitches
Carbon panel to mount switches by the seat
Steel tube subframe to mount 2006 R6 tail & cowl
2007 R6 rearsets w/ aftermarket pegs
Reverse Shift using kz1000 shifter
636 front brake lines
4 cell a123 battery pack
Dual 55W offroad lights
Suspension setup for 205 lbs
New Conti Motion rubber
Custom paint/decals

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