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Entry deadline is the 21st of June



All Entries MUST Include:
  • A streetfighter you own
  • 4-8 pictures of the bike
  • List of modifications you have done
If you dont meet the requirements, your post will be deleted.

Winners will receive:
A set of Driven Racing Skull Gel Grips from

In addition, your bike will be featured on the home page of our site for the whole next month, and will be placed in the FOTM Gallery to memorialize your win forever!
You will also receive a "forum award" that shows up under your posts and on your profile on the site!


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this is it when i bought it

and this is it now

and it was built strictly for using ,

parked up on the isle of man


gsxr front wheel , brakes , bottom yoke and muddie
K3 gixxer clip ons
bft top yoke
radial master cylinder, bft res pot
modified predator mask
vapour speedo
stoopid headlight
1995 frame
919 blade motor
stainless exhaust system , wrapped
hardcore fighters belly pan
newer curved rad
hardcore fighters seat unit
seat pad knocked up in 30 min
R1 rear wheel
bodywork carbon wrapped
rear bft res pot
shock from newer model

never a show winner , thrown together in 3 weeks with a minimal budget , gets attention tho :party-smiley:

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Well I guess my bike is close enough to being done that'll I'll post up

It's a 91 ZX6 ninja, he's the pile when I got it, and here is it slowly evolving

And As it sits right now

Things I have done since I got it

2000 R6 Tail swap
04 600RR front calipers
HID Projectors up front for lights
SV650 windscreen made up for a flyscreen
Uni Filter
Acewell gauges
SV650 Clipons
Unknown header
Ebay Carbon Can mounted low
Blacked out frame
Blacked out motor

this is my boomstick
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1992 suzuki katana 600
personally cut custom belly pan
headlight from a 81 yamaha exciter 250
jc whitney headlight clamps modified to fit around the fatter forks
cut off tail section for the bobber look. led strip brake light under seat and extra red leds in the back for visibility. wiretuck and cut, shortened and re welded the subframe to better hide battery and guts
running straight pipes with custom tunable baffles inside
bar end mirrors
speedo relocated to side just beneath the tank
the clip ons have been reversed and flipped then placed below the upper tree
how i got it

some over time pics

now newer pics with the lowered bars

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I am going to enter until I win or get BANNED!!!

2005 Suzuki Hayabusa

Honda Headlight
PIAA H6M bulbs
Custom mounting bracket
Acewell Guage
02 GSXR 750 upper fork legs
03/04 GSXR 1000 Lower legs w/radial caliper mounts (not Pictured)
03/04 GSXR 1000 Radial Calipers
02 GSXR 750 front wheel
Racetech springs and gold valves
HEL Stainless steel brake lines all around
HEL SS Braided clutch line
Bandit risers
Renthal bars
04 CBR 1000 RR clutch and brake Master Cylinders
Mini resi's
Custom Coolant reservior
Big Bike Air intake covers
Boz Bros B2 Exhaust
PCIII w/boz bros B2 map
custom wiring harnes/battery box under the fuel tank
Relocated ignition switch to rear shock bolt access hole in frame
One off subframe
ZX6R seat unit
Clear Alternatives integrated tail/turn/stop brake light
Speed King Rear Sets
Custom made coolant hard lines
Polishing by me
Paint by me
Anodized nuts and bolts everywhere.

Soon to be featured in Streetfighters Magazine issue 198 this month!!


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OK. After 9 years of blood, sweat, tears and far too much money, I think it's finally finished.

This is my 1999, 1200 Suzuki Bandit.

The List of modifications is huge sorry!

Frame / Bodywork / Engine

Aluminium frame inserts
Polished engine covers (ignition, etc)
Polished and clear clutch cover
Custom Billet aluminium foot levers, rests & heel guards
Billet aluminium sprocket cover
Taylor HT Leads
Dyna Coils
Kawasaki Z1000 (2003) seat unit (top &bottom plastics)
Kawasaki Z1000 (2003) rear seat hump
Kawasaki Z1000 (2003) seat (Front)
Kawasaki Z1000 (2003) seat (Rear)
Custom seat cover (suede)
Custom made sub-frame for above - polished aluminium
LED rear light cluster
KOSO RX2n+ Digital speedo
Akraprovic full exhaust system
Dynojet kit
K & N Air filters
Ignition advancer
HEL oil cooler and lines
Goodridge oil breather & filter kit
Chrome plated torque arm
Chrome plated side stand
Custom wing mirror (colour coded)
Showyomoto Headlight unit
Custom paintwork (Airbrush Perfections)

Front End​

Polished Hayabusa forks (Extended to exact Bandit length)
Maxton internals (re-valved + re+sprung)
Custom made Billet aluminium fork tops (polished)
Custom made Billet aluminium top and bottom yoke – polished
Billet aluminium headlight bracket - polished

Kawasaki ZX10 mudguard
Harrison Billet 6-pot callipers
Braided lines (brake and clutch)
Front wheel - polished rim & colour coded centre
Braking front wavey discs
Renthal handlebars
Custom handlebar brace
2004 Bandit master cylinders (Brake & Clutch)
Polished reservoir covers
Pazzo brake and clutch levers


Maxton rear shock absorber
Maxton tie-rod arms
Yamaha R1 swing arm brace 0n OE Suzuki Bandit swing arm
Yamaha R1 rear hugger (cut down to make shorter)
Rear wheel – polished rim & colour coded centre
Braking rear wavey disc
Braided line
Billet rear brake reservoir

I hope you all like it as much as I do!

All the photos were also taken by myself. (apart from the last one)

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in november 2004 i startet with this original slabbie..

since spring 2005 it looks so

now i finished the next stage of the bike 3 days ago
and it looks so...

Frame 85 Suzuzki GSXR 750
Engine 880 ccm big bore kit from LKM
Selfmade Ignition Windowcover
Fuel Tank Selfmade customized
Speedo Motogadget Light with Motosight

GDS Radial Clamped Triple Trees with Handlebar clip ons
Forkcovers (thanks to Sven)
Selfmade 3 piece Handlebar ( Thanks to Andreas)
brake and Clutch mastercylinder Nissin Radial with TITAX Levers short
Mini Electriks
Mini Brake / Clutchreservoir
Alloy Grips selfmade
Frontlight CNC from Glow Spezial
Holders Thospa Customs
Chrome Barend Mirrors

Frontfork Honda CBR 1000 rr/ SC57 `07
Fullchrome Brakecalipers (original CBR 1000 rr SC57)
Wave Brakedisks
PM Rim CHIKANE Fullpolished 3,5x17
Wheel 120/70/17
Fender HESA universal
VA Holders selfmade

Rearseat selfmade customised Aprilia RSV4 Factory
rear closed
Rearlight/Brakelight/Wippers Kellermann Micro 1000 DF
Seat .. Tailprotector

Swingarm GSXR1100 the longest one
reardumper chromed and polished one of my CBR 929
selfmade links..
Wave Brakedisc
PM Rim CHIKANE fullpolished 6.0x17
Wheel 190/50/17
Headers Marving
Supertrapp 4 Inch Alu Race with 13 discs
Footpegs Chinaparts with selfmade adapters
Stainless Steehl Brake/ClutchLines
Fork & Swingarmsliders from Tuner Factory X (USA)
and some little things more
and also some i have forgot in the time ..

more infos about the build you can see here


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Figure I'd throw my hat in the ring again, just for the hell of it.

Here is stock when I first brought it home.

Rode it like that for a few years then caught the streetfighter bug. First attempt was rather lack luster.

As it sits today ready to try to make it to FF10.

1984 gs 1150
Braced frame
GSXR 1100 front and rear running gear
Renthal bars
Custom front fender
Vortex top end oiler
Dyno Jet kit
Individual K&N filters
APE manual cam chain tensioner
Yoshimura exhaust
Bar end mirrors
DRZ front headlight
Russell stainless steel brake lines
Custom Battery box
Custom Oil breather/blow off tank
Short stalk indicators.
Frame, swinger, wheels and most metal parts Black powder coated.
Over sized oil pump gears

Edit: Found my old build pictures, posted them here.
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