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Entry deadline is the 21st of September



All Entries MUST Include:
  • A streetfighter you own
  • 4-8 pictures of the bike
  • List of modifications you have done
If you dont meet the requirements, your post will be deleted.

Winners will receive:
A set of Driven Racing Skull Gel Grips from

In addition, your bike will be featured on the home page of our site, and will be placed in the FOTM Gallery to memorialize your win forever!
You will also receive a "forum award" that shows up under your posts and on your profile on the site!


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heres mine again

just about finished

2005 gsx 1400 fuel injected engine
ecu is standed but has been remaped
exhausts are standed headers and collector but the link pipes and cans are built by me
home made loom built by me
frame built by me based of a german rau frame
usd front end off a gsxr 100 l/m with fork cover built by me
fork covers uilt by me
billet top and bottom yokes
billet grips with brass inlay studs built by me
gsxr k7 1000 mudgaurd moded
gsxr 1000 swingarm + rear wheel
head light unit is off a moped with home made cover
led indicators front and rear
seat unit is of a ducati with led break light
tank is a standed gsx1400 but with added side pannels
one off paint work colours are differnet both sides
braided hoses all round
not sure what the rear sets are off
four pot front callipers with pollised faces ..soon to be upgraded to six pots
digi speedo
all pollishing by me
fitting a rear view camera and monitor
all work done by me ...apart from the paint work

feel free to ask questions
cheers mark

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Guess it's time to throw mine in......


a year ago (in it's original wrapping) a '95 CBR900rrt

then after a bit of tinkering

and quick list of mods

280 rear tyre on 3piece wheel
'97 VFR swingarm with shortened 748 chainguard & shaved VFR caliper (someone F##ked up a measurement so modded outa necesity rather than choice)
180 front wheel in custom wide yokes
ducati 999 race tail-unit on purpose made subframe with smoked undertail plate hiding all rear lighting
patented anti-fat thief seat:LolLolLolLol:
billet front and rear reservoirs
wide set pegs
keyless petrol cap
keyless ignition
motogadget M-unit electronics control
shortened and spliced loom (removal of unnecessary bits... there was quite a bit)
Motogadget Mini clock (set into bar pad along with idiot lights)
4into 2 headers with dual underslung stubie-afied cans
custom cables and shortie leavers
lenthened stand
samco hoses
repositioned radiator (another neccesity... well if I wanted any thing that resembled a turning circle)
the Obligatory Renthal bars
converted twin 7" spots with LED indicators
topped off in rattlecan vw bright orange with tyretrack and Bigfoot logo

errr... and probley some other typical backyard bodgery that I cant remember and to be honest I cant be arsed to trawl through the 40 odd page long winded ramble that is my build thread*

*but feel free to muddle through it yourself

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And again.

2005 Suzuki Hayabusa

Honda Headlight
PIAA H6M bulbs
Custom mounting bracket
Acewell Guage
05 Yammie upper fork legs (not pictured)
03/04 GSXR 1000 Lower legs w/radial caliper mounts (not Pictured)
03/04 GSXR 1000 Radial Calipers
Custom Caliper Spacers
02 GSXR 750 front wheel
Racetech springs and gold valves
HEL Stainless steel brake lines all around
HEL SS Braided clutch line
Bandit risers
Renthal bars
04 CBR 1000 RR clutch and brake Master Cylinders
Mini resi's
Custom Coolant reservior
Big Bike Air intake covers
Boz Bros B2 Exhaust
PCIII w/boz bros B2 map
custom wiring harnes/battery box under the fuel tank
Relocated ignition switch to rear shock bolt access hole in frame
One off subframe
ZX6R seat unit
Clear Alternatives integrated tail/turn/stop brake light
Speed King Rear Sets
Custom made coolant hard lines
Polishing by me
Paint by me
Anodized nuts and bolts everywhere.


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Here is my 2002 Honda cbr 600 f4i

I bought the bike as a stunt bike so it looked like shit I been working on it for about a year & a half & of course anything could go wrong it did, but now I'm done & I can ride the crap out of it !! Hope you guys like it !!!!!

Carbon fiber front fender
Carbon fiber rear hugger
Carbon fiber heal guards
Carbon shorty Yamaha R6 GYTR exhaust (of course didn't fit but I made a bracket for it )
Carbon covered custom made seat
Skull gel grips
Skull levers
Skull License plate bolts
Skull Tire valve caps
Skull rear tail light
GPR stabilizer
Dual street fighter headlights
Weapon-R overflow tank
The tail I design It with my buddy's help we put it together
New Upgraded Stator
Shaved head with new seals ( after It blown a head gasket )
New Rectifier
Bar end mirrors
Vortex clipon's
Powder coated Mate black rims,frame, subframe,
Painted the motor mate black
New sprockets & chain
Key less gas cap
I'm sure I'm forgetting something but that's about it !!! :)


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Um Mods:
GSXR 1100 tubes & triples
GSXR 750 front wheel
GSXR 1100 rotors painted
Custom dual wave headlights with bracket
LED front blinkers
LSL bars
Driven Skull Grips
stainless front lines
bar end mirrors
Rattled custom black metallic paint
custom wiring harness with deleted key
Katana 750 motor and carbs
Custom SubFrame
Stainless Mesh battery box
LED rear brake and turn signals
D&D exhaust with chopped mid and can
Hyabusa rear-sets
Rear resi delete kit

That's it for now

Check the video for the full 180*
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