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Ethanol eats up floats?

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I am having some troubles with my FJ1100 starting and when it starts its rough. I was talking to a friend of mine he said the Ethanol in the gas can eat up floats in like 3-4 weeks?The carbs have been rebuilt and rejetted by the PO about a year ago. The bike sat for about 5 months because he got a new job out of state and sold it thats when I bought it. What do you guys think? Any other issues you may think could cause it? I looked at the carbs they are really clean but two of the diaphrams are a little weak but I wouldnt think that would make to much of any issues. Prob wouldnt hurt to sync them but I dont have the tools and not real sure what I am looking for. Anyone in the Georgia area that could lend a hand?
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yes Ethanol eats up alot of the older rubber parts tubes, carbs, bladder, etc. Those products werent designed originally to handle Ethanol. It happened on the rubber gasket around the petcock of my GPZ.
Wow I had no idea, I knew it was crappy but I didnt think it could do that kind of damage in that short of time. Any suggestions on what I should do? I am unfortunatly on a tight budget.
find leaks, repair leaks. problem solved problem staying being solved
Danm they are proud of that stuff, guess I will have to pull the carbs back down and see what I can do.
The diaphragms in all my carbs are real soft too. Ethanol can do a number on things like fuel lines and will "gum up" quickly if left sitting but I've never seen ethanol gas straight up eat through rubber material to the point of total mechanical failure.
3-4 weeks? No. Not at the 7-10% concentrations you get at pumps now.

3-4 years, after mixed with water to form a corrosive sludge? Sure.

As long as you use your bike at least semi regularly ethanol doesn't pose any major problems. Yes it sucks and shouldn't be in gas but people also like to instantly point the finger at it every time their bike isn't running perfect.

Pour half a bottle of seafoam in a full tank and see if that helps. If not you've probably got some crap in one or more of your pilot jets which causes a rough/slow/unsteady idle.
ive ran staboil star crap and seafoam. i'm convinced seafoam does its trick.

i had carbon buildup once so bad my bike died. literally.
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