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I'm building a TL1000R Fighter and im going to fab a new exhaust. I want to do a 2 into 1 or 2 into 2 coming out on the right side. Does anyone have any advice as far as balance tubes between the headers and does the header length have to be the same front and back? If I go 2 into 1 will I lose top and gain low end or vice-versa? I'm thinking about using a muffler from a 05 or 06 GSXR1000 for the moto gp look and to keep the noise down because our city just hired 25 extra traffic cops on brand new harleys and they dont like sport bike or fighters. Any other advice I may not have thought of please throw it in. Thanks Killer Tiller

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Don't think you need balance tubes.
I'd just cut up the stock pipe, and add on to make it come out where I want.
A lot of Black Art in exhaust pipes, For 2-1 try and make the pipe's equal length, 2-2 don't matter as much

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Exhaust pulses are the key here. They bounce back at any seperation, sharp bend, joining, or end of a pipe.

If you've got a 2-1, I assume they join fairly close to the exhaust ports. This means you'll get a slight power boost at lower RPM. The further away the join is, the higher up in the RPM you'll get the slight boost.

A 2-2 system allows you to have the pulses return at different RPM ranges, so you can split the power boost by having one pipe shorter than the other. This will give you an even slighter power boost over a longer RPM range.

If you want me to explain why this works I will, but I suggest having two unequal lenght pipes with no crossover if you're going to build your own exhaust.
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