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Name your prices on these parts, anything (of low value) not sold is going in the trash this weekend, please keep in mind shipping costs.

Located in Peoria Illinois.

CB350 Clean Title With Frame Plate

CB360 Forks, Lower Triple, Nuts/Wahers.

Complete cb360 wheels (minus front brake disk)

CB360 Front Caliper & Brake Rotor

Aftermarket Headlight, Signal, & Horn Controller

Complete CB360 Mainharness

Custom Seat Pan (1/4" steel plate) was originally made for a CB360

Custom Seat Loop With A Extra 6' Of DOM Tubing

Custom Seat Loop & Frame Slugs

CB350 Battery Tray

CB350 Motor With 15k

CB350 Side Cover

CB350 Center Stand

CB350 Intakes

CB350 Exhaust Heat Shields

Random Harley Mufflers

CB350 Seat

CB350 Shock Ears

CB350 Shock Boots

CB360 Pegs

CB360 Brake Lever

CB360 Bars
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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