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F4i parts garage cleanout!

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Hello! Bought an box of parts for the forks so i have all these left over parts. All the prices are without shipping BTW.

1. F4 Carbs: $30

2. Red shock, not sure what it goes to. :$20

3. Black shock, same story as the red one. :$20

4.F2 wheel: $40

5.F4i radiator: $50

6. Random windscreen: Free

7. F2 Brake discs: $25

8. I also have an F4i motor that has the head off right now as i was checking it. Everything to make it run for 250 bucks! The motor is only local pick up only though.

9. F4i Guage: $100
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Damn it if doesn't want that front rim let me know ill take it
Could you measure the eye to eye length of the black shock?

Thanks in advance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts