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Farkin Diesel!

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This shit sux arse!

Was going round to a mate's shop this arvo cus we were gonna swap my rear tyre as we had abit of fun planned tonight.

Anyway, on my way there I hit some diesel on a roundabout and the front washed out. I went down like a sack of shit. Picked my arse up and found I'd dislocated my middle finger, it looked something like __---. Anyway some dude stopped and asked if i was ok, i jammed my hand in his window and asked him to pop it back in for me, haha you shoulda seen his face!:LolLolLolLol: I had to tell him what to do but at least he got it first try. Got it on ice now but it's still fucken sore, my other finger's bruised around the knuckle too so think i might've popped that one out too.:mad:

To make things worse a mate txt me to come down to the pub but i can't ride.... maybe if i have a few more beers the pain will go away and i'll be able to go down.

Had to type all this with my left hand too dammit!:angry:
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thats a hell of a paragraph to type with one hand.

your a soldier! heal up.
lordofillusions said:
you guys need training wheels
esp me:LolLolLolLol:
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