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Faster Acceleration???

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I don't know if i am just a Noobie (I am) or if this is a problem many people have. :confused:

If I want a faster acceleration on a bike what do i do? Do i change the sprocket ratios? Do i change the intake? (like the fuel to air ratio) Please help. :)
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Sprockets are prolly the cheapest and easiest way and you don't have to worry about tuning carbs
What kind of bike do you have?

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Thanks. I don't currently have a bike, but i'm looking to learn so that when i do get a bike i will know a general idea of what to do. :)
Do us a big favor. When you get your bike don't worry about that fast acceleration right away (need to learn to stop that acceleration first). Get a feel for riding, take it easy. Have fun of course but just about any bike you get will have plenty of get up and go for your first bike. I highly reccomend the msf course if you havnt already taken it

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Yeah, right when i get a bike im not planning on accelerating fast im just gonna get used to it and get the feel of the bike. I am planning on taking the MSF course before getting a bike but I understand why you were saying that, :)
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You will find most bikes will out accelerate any cars, learn to ride, first be safe, be happy and enjoy,
make sure you wear your hi visibility vest and have your socks pulled right up for at least 3 months of riding!

Lol probably on the vest but i dont understand your socks comment:confused::p

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lol pull your socks up is an English expression. Basically to be alert and have your wits about you ;)

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You will find that when you start doing 30mph is plenty fast. The speed feedback you get on a motorcycle has nothing to do with a car.

And believe me, 34 bhp when you start is powerfull enough,
Scared myself once with my current bike (98bhp) twisted the throttle to see how far and how fast it would go, got up to 200km/h and decided that was good enough for me, thing is I was pushed back by the windforce and acceleration so much that it actually took me 5 good seconds at 200+km/h to gather enough force to push the throttle forward. Was scary .... Never pushed it since, max I do is 170/180 then the windforce gets to rough for me ...
Hmmm, i guess i am used to a car. :nuts: I don't race but i like to get up to speed quickly so I'm gonna go with what all of you have said and stick with stock until I've been riding for a while.
ha well ill ask about drag launches eventually lol
I know this kid who had a ninja 250 and then he upgraded to a gsxr 600 and he is riding it like a maniac. I see him posting videos on Facebook going down a straight road doing like 150mph haha. His own friends recording that shit are mumbling "slow down, slow down" the whole time. It's bad man... Don't be that kid when you get your bike! Learn to ride like the guys said and don't go faster that you can handle
I can promise once you get on your bike for the first time, you'll accelerate fast enough. Even a 600 will put any car to shame in the high range.:run:
These guys are dead on at all levels listen to them and to ride another day:)

My GSXR will easily jump from 0 to well into god knows what(no speedo) fast enough to make ur head spin, it's definatly a handful!! I've had a few with no experience ask to ride it but the answer is always "NO" I am not going to be responsible when they stack it up at 100, that is...if they even get out the driveway

Take it slow man, learn the road, learn the bike and have fun! :)

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