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Include 4-8 pics. Decent lighting and resolution.
List the mods and any info about the bike.
Note the pic you would like to be used for voting.
Include a name for the bike, if you want.

It must be your bike, and you must have at least 50 posts.

Voting goes up on the 21st, or as close as I can get to the 21st.

All non entry posts, and posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted

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Just passed it's MOT so let's give this a crack again.

I'm calling it the VTsp1000:

Honda VTR1000F Firestorm
Wheels: 1050 Triumph
Front brakes: GSXR1000 Radial Master, Triumph 675 Radial Calipers, Triumph 675 wave discs, braided lines
Rear brake: Ducati Brembo, braided line, Armstrong Triumph wave disc
Front Suspension: R6 2007 Radial USD
Rear Suspension: Aprilia RSV Mille Sachs with adjustable linkage and ride height
Frame: Firestorm - main / Daytona 675 - Sub / ZX9R Triple Clamp
Swingarm: VFR800 VTec Swingarm modified for Triumph 955 Axle + Brembo caliper, Renthal Sprockets (+2 teeth rear)
Lights / electrical: Front - KTM RC8 w/ custom integrated indicators, Rear - Triumph 675 integrated, Acewell 4xxx Gauge
Engine Mods: Full radiator / hose replace, window clutch cover, manual cam tensioners
Exhaust: Full hand-made custom stainless system with Fireblade Scorpion carbon underseat can
Body & fairing: VTR1000F tank (custom paint), 675 carbon tail, R6 carbon fender, "unknown" carbon hugger, handmade headlight surround and carbon underseat tray

Hand-made parts (by me): Subframe mounts, stainless exhaust headers, clutch window, carbon fiber / stainless steel underseat-tray, headlight mounts & cowl, various brackets, crash bungs, seat upholstery, adjustable shock mounts, rear brake adapter, manual cam-chain tensioners, wheel spacers..... etc.
Paint: Tank etc: Prepped and laid out by me, shot and polished by Steve Bartrum Ltd. Everything else: Me
Powder coat: Motorcool
Welding: Stainless - me, Alu - bloke I work with.
Bikes that laid down their life so that this one might live:
8 Brands - (Honda, Ducati, Aprilia, Kawazaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Suzuki, KTM)
13 Bikes - (VTR1000F, VFR800, 675, 1050, 955, 916, 999, Millie, RC8, ZX9R, CBR1000RR, R6, GSXR1000)

Vote pic vv:

A couple of pics the MOT shop guys took that i like so i pinched them off facebook:


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back agin to spice it up :)


ZX9r 2000

odds and sods done
BBG gold anodized risers
909 durt bars
fancy wee rear view mirror thingy
pazzoe short levers
braided brake lines with a KZ splitter conversion on front lines
yosh race can shortend
custom coolant overflow jug
dual dominaters mounted on custom brackets
gauges mounted on custom bracket
billet frame sliders
clean air junk modded with K&N air filter added
custom undertail
200 rear rubber
Stainles allen bolts all over the thing .

PS Cookie yer bike is gorgeous mate :)
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