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I've not posted here much, but I've dug through the archives like crazy. I've got a 2000 SV650, and have been trying to source reasonably priced flyscreens with little luck. Thought I might be able to put my experience to work helping others here.

I've done some work with vacuum forming composite materials for surfboards, and I'm kicking around the idea of making some flyscreens that way. If I were to make a mold, would some folks here be interested in getting cheap flyscreens? They would need mounting brackets and painting, it seems like most people do that themselves anyway, but the raw material would be there.

So, two questions if you'd participate in my poll:

What style of screen would you be most interested? Buell X1, XB, Blast or Holeshot? Others?

What price would make it competitive and attractive?
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