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Hey guys just figured I would throw this up here as I know myself I have a shit ton of things I could bring and sell or trade if anyone is interested...but mainly-

-"complete" zx11, runs but I believe has bad #3 rod bearing, I've added a few things to it and have a complete hotcams kit for it.... if you're interested let me know... I'm just hoping to get some of my money out of it, $800 would take it.
-Blackbird 1137 motor, needs bored and valves. (cylinder walls have light rust)- throw a number at me.
-900rr frame with SSSA that I cut front engine mount off of to fit the blackbird motor into it
-CRF450r frame and forks and swingarm with dirt title
-And I have a h1 I could possibly sell but don't exactly want to...but I'm sadly hurtin for cash having just bought a truck for a DD.

If you're interested in anything just send me a PM and we can work out some details and I can bring whatever you want to FF.

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I have a bunch of parts in general. Wheels, swingarms, sssa's, forks, frames, clipons, fat bars, lights... all kinds of shit I want to sell. I've got a gokart rolling chassis I'm thinking about selling too.

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I have some shoes. They are all different sizes and brands. Some are very old and others are old but not very. I have been collecting single homeless people shoes for about 7 years and it's time to thin the collection a bit. I currently have 28 random sized shoes for sale going 3 foe $5 or 7 for $7. Some come with socks and one comes with a few toes and leather laces. I bring them everywhere I go anyway so feel free to just ask if you're interested.

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