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Rollin hard in Wiscompton
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Alright, here's my entry, complete with shitty pics.

80-something Virago (82, 83, who knows). Decided to ditch the bagger idea and make something fuckin fun on the streets.

First, this will be a late start. I'm trying to pay off some other shit right now, shit that's more important and will enable to get my shit straight and blow money when I want to.

With that said, here's proof of today

And crappy pic of the bike

And now for the last side pic I took, for reference

Ok, bike as it sits right now:
VF500F front end (forks, wheel, brakes)
SV650 brake master
custom 2-1 pipe
airbox removed, K&N filter, carbs tuned to match
and thats it.

Inspiration for this build is coming from 2 bikes in particular. I watch Son's of Anarchy (yeah, boo, whatever. This is my build nucka!), and like elements of the bikes that Chib's and Tig ride.

I can already say that I'll be subcontracting paint and any welding I need. My boss at O'Reilly is a body guy, does phenomenal work with paint. I'm hoping to have him do the paint. Welding will be wherever I can get it done (hoping for Ratfighter's help on this one), and the seat will hopefully be a Bowen special (attention TocTuning :D ).

I'm hate all black, or at least all one shade where it looks like a rolling lump. I want a lot of black, but not just black. Paint will be a mix of flat, satin, and gloss black, and will be broken up with hints of polish, stainless, and chrome.

Lighting will be 100% led, and I've got a couple of nifty tricks in mind for the electricals. Anyone that I've discussed it with already, keep your cockholster shut!

Anyway, the vast majority of the bike won't be changed, Ratfighter and Tim put together a little beast, I'll merely be adding the finishing touches and applying a couple layers of cosmetic.

That's the general gist of it until I can start throwing down on some parts.

For now I bid you adieu, and leave you with a video of the last time the Virago ran.

Can someone tell me how to embed videos in this motherfucker? Nothing works.

Build cost: $0.00
bike - free
new igntion module (bought pre-buildoff) - dont remember, got it on a submitted offer.

Rollin hard in Wiscompton
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Here's my update of absolutely nothing. I'm deep in the shit of debt after a recent roadtrip and my truck failing me. Hoping to find the money to get this build going before too long, but right now I'm pretty doubtfull it'll get done. To be continued.....
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