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Enter here for the Fighter Showdown!

This thread is open for entries in a similar format to the previous Fighter of the Month threads, only it remains open until there are 2 or more entries, rather than have a set closing deadline. At that point, on the following 21st of the month voting will open for 10 days to decide the forum member's favourite.

Pester anyone you see in the members project sections you'd like to see here!

The rules:

- You must have a minimum of 50 posts
- 4-8 good pics of your bike (and tell us which one you want used for judging)
- List of modifications and such
- Must currently own said bike

Past entries allowed providing
1. you did not win
2. you've made measurable upgrades since last time

Non-entry posts in this thread will be deleted.

Deadline is the 21st day of the month following the 2nd entry post, then we open voting.
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