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My latest project is a 2002 Buell M2. I just couldn't pass up the weird looks and engine of this beast and I got a great price.

When I got it the tail plastic was damaged, the starter gasket was bad, the blinkers were huge, the mirrors were hideous, the bars were too tall, and the headlight was too high. (but I saw lots of potential)

It already had a K&N force intake and a pretty decent glass pack (DIY) muffler.
I removed the remnants of the tail plastic as well as the brake light and turn signals, and added an integrated LED brake light, a custom bracket and plate holder.
The stock mirrors came off in favor of a left side bar end mirror and a bar end weight on the right side. New grips went on in the process.
I fabricated a small under seat cowel to cover up the exposed electronics on the right side.
I swapped the tall stock bars out for superbike bars which almost touch the tank at full turn (just perfect)
I also lowered the headlight and windscreen down about an inch to match the lower bars.
I added a trimmed down rear hugger back on to keep some junk off of the underside and put something between my passengers foot and the moving exposed drive belt.

All said and don I'm pretty happy with the results and its a joy to ride. Its a big american 1200cc twin but it feels similar in power to a 600cc sport bike but with torque all the way through the rev range and a much lower readline RPM.



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Awesome. I love those bikes. I can get you some great examples and ideas for some mods. Great places to start is a new shorter tube subframe, gsxr of xb front end, xb swingarm and shock conversion. Your shock WILL fail on that bike. Replacements are slim. Goggle purpony tube buell and custom S1 for some great ideas.

That's a really nice clean tuner btw. Nice score.
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