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2000 gsxr 750

Kickstand = made from rebar
front and rear wheels painted in rino bed liner- (used)$ 50.00
brake disks - all 3- (used )$25.00
fork tubes- (used )$100.00
aceribis headlight screen painetd rino=$129.00
plastics ( used ) from a 1,000 = came with bike
905 cage spayed rino- ( used )$75.00
rear cowl= sprayed rino liner = extra one from another gixxer = free
steel braided brake lines - 3used -1 new
81 in.steel braided hand brake line= &54.00
2 gsxr 1,000 - masters, one for each hand. LOL- both ( used ) $25.00 each
2 brake fluid resi's- ( used )=free
stuntex oil pickup- ( new )=$74.00
custom rear subframe supported several stress points and pasesenger pegs suported = lots of welding
905 12-bar- ( new )=$125.00
front fender cut and sprayed in rino- ( used )=$35.00
disabled tip over sensor=0
clutch basket- New=$128.00
new chain=$84.00
second rear caliper ( for handbrake )=$25.00
cnc'd rear dual caliper mount= One off free
1can fast black high temp paint=$8.00
4 cans of spray on truck bed liner ( RINO liner off brand ) =$28.00
rear sprocket +4 = free
front sprocket -1 = free
titanium exhaust can 0ne off and cut 12inches from the factory in china = free
protaper bars= tarde in for a new set i had=free
tag risers=44.95
Aluminum perf. on the tail, radiator cover and air intake tubes
custom adjustable race rearsets = free for trade for the stockers.
Please read the buildoff, the pics don't show much
1. brake resi kit DZ. =$ 12.50
2. cut fender, both not in pic.= free

I traded a 400 ex for a wrecked stunt bike = value of 400ex quad = 2,000
total investment with new parts and getting it roadworthy = $ 3,077

This bike is riden daily and street legal !!!!!
headlights, turn signals, brake lights, mirror, tags and licence.
right, left , front, rear, not in any order , more finish pics on page 4 & 5 :knucks: _________________
Same shift different gear !



This bike has it all, A top knotch hand brake set up one of a kind !!. A wrapped and shorty titanium exhaust. A lazer chamelion paint that changes to the most brilliant colors of green bue and purple. The best set of adjustable rear sets made !!! the old race motor has a aftermarket clutch & basket and a stunttex oil pick up, tip over sensor disabled mod.. everything saftey wired on the motor. Air intake and radiator finished. 12 bar and custom suported subframe. All the wheels,fender,tank,air and radiator covers, chain gaurd,rear cowl,cage, kickstand all rino bedlinered and matching.Custom fighter decals i cut from skateboard grip tape. Gearing changed front and back for killing the streets. Gp shift stlye. Brand new rubber ( purposefully put pilot power on the front for stoppies and a d208 Mounted stock gauges, lights , turn signal,brake, mirror, and licenced

Much more than the eye can see !!


Hooligan Streetfighter
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Nice bike, but again, no year make and model, does no one read the rules?

The Soft Serve Enigma
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Oh relax, it'll get sorted. We're all excited to be done and posting! Good job Catman!

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Ammadien said:
lol right, looks almost too good for stunting.

Pics are taken now. I gonna beat it !!!!
Thanks, I'm building a lot bike, This is for terrorizing the streets !!

the mad doctor
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that's one clean stunter! now go beat it up some. post up some whoolie pics :D

Fresh outta Fighter camp!
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Sweet bike man. Love the color, love the overall flow. Came out great!

Welcome to the new day...
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Your bike looks the bomb. Like a fucken Rocket ship in Tanks Clothing.
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