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If you are in the fighter buildoff, in order to be eligible for voting... you MUST post a thread in this forum BEFORE THE END OF MAY!!!!

The title of the thread should be:

FINAL - (name of your build)


FINAL - ab420's Honda CRF 100 Build


Project Name

Bike year, make, and model

List of Modifications

Total cost of build

Finally, post four pictures of your bike and a side view. One from each 'corner,' plus one from the side. This means park your bike in a spot you can walk all the way around it. Take a pic from the front left, front right, rear left, rear right and side view, that shows the -whole bike-. Take the pic from about waist level.

Please, take the pictures during the day. Don't photoshop the pictures, but if you can resize them to a good forum size - Photobucket's picture editing has this built in.
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