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Well it has been almost 2 years and the project has almost been completed..
Here is a brief run down on what i have done..


-1983 RZ350 frame
-Removed the RZ350 rear sub frame
-Reinforced the head stock and the swing arm area
-Built the shock support
-Aprilia RS250 Rear swing arm
-06-07 R6 rear sub frame
-Aprilia Tuono Handle bar and risers
-Aprilia Tuono kick stand
-99-01 R1 vortex rear sets


-99 R1 front end
-06-07 CBR1000RR rear shock
-Custom dog bones
-Aprilia RS250 relay arm
-Custom bracket to mount relay arm


-99 R1 front wheel,blue dot brake caliper(Apex braided Lines)
-99-02 R6 rear wheel,cush drive ,rear brake rotor and caliper (Apex braided Lines)
-Tires Front...120/70/17


-1UA RZ350 Motor
-Coolhead with 20cc domes
-Boost Bottle
-UNI pods
-RZ500 Kick start lever
-Clear clutch cover
-Custom water pump cover
-1UA PJ carbs
-Boyesen 2 stage reeds

Body Work

-99 R1 front fender
-99-02 Gas tank (Modified to fit frame) Oil tank(custom made aluminum by M357.5) mounted in the front were air box would be)(pop up oil cap with r1 oil level sensor (credit goes to gpaddict for his oil level sensor idea..:)) Quick release front tank mount
-06-07 R6 rear tail with solo seat( undertail modified with all passenger and key holes filled)
-03-06 Kawasaki Z1000 front fairing
-99 and 06 R6 seat made into one


-99 R1 gauges
-Factory pipe product exhaust pipes made to fit
-01 FZ1 Blue Paint.(Painted by me in my
-RDLC Crazy Front brake reservior and clutch window frame
-Brian's clutch cover gasket and bolts
-Capacitor for battery
-Custom offset front sprocket
-03 ZX6rr speed sensor


Things left to do...

-Larger Pilot jets
-GM hei module ( to fix r1 tach)
-Tuning fork emblems on tank)
-Final tweaking

I am sure i am missing things....will add when i


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Pic's dont do her justice Ken, this thing is fuckin SICK in person. Oh......when can I pick her up :)

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Well done Joken, I really like the way you've done this. Simple wonderfully clean lines.
When I read the list of parts at the top of your thread I wasn't quite sure what the resulting photos were going to show, but I'm really impressed with how stylish it looks. It has a factory finshed look about it, almost like Yamaha could have updated the old stinkwheel for the 21st century.
The blue paintscheme works really well and accentuates the smooth lines of the bike. I assume from looking at the cylinderheads that the motor is not as Mr Yamaha san sent it out from the factory.
What work have you done with the motor?

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Thxs Mustapha dump...That was the look i was mostly after(factory finished look) That is why there is not a huge list of aftermarket parts..tried to stick with factory bike parts that i really liked..
As with the motor it is basically stock,,i tore the motor down and made sure it was all in good shape( i knew it is a low mileage motor..). It is still on stock bore with No port work...The add ons are just bolt on ..Coolhead with a slight increase in compression , reeds,pods boost bottle and jetting for the pipes and pods..:)

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Sweet ride! Bet that fikker wheelies like a mother....
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