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FIRE SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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^^^^^^Holy Jesus I crack myself up LoL.

Anyway sold the motor an now it's time to get rid of the other pieces I have.

Curved oil cooler $75
1100 frame with clear title $225
1990 rear tail plastic $25
1991 Front upper fairing with headlight $75
1100 forks left is bent and right is good $50
Exhaust header and pipe $50
Gas tank $40
Rear wheel fender $25
Rear seat free

That's all I can think of for now. I'll post up pics when I get the chance.

Or you can check out my build thread and see most everything that I'm selling.
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Lol fire sale haha


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that sucks about your bike, holmes. good luck with the sale and your next project.
if you were closer i'd snatch up that 1100 frame fast
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Can I shove an Ironhead in that frame??? Hmmm

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I don't see why not. Can't be too hard. I think with enogh time and money it could definitely be done.
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Hmmm. Damnable it Jim. I wanat an ole skool fighter.. fml
I don't see why not. Can't be too hard. I think with enogh time and money it could definitely be done.
That frame seems pretty tall,but a Sporty engine is pretty durn long. Roughly 21'' tall and 24'' long. Would you mind taking a rough measurement when you get a chance? No rush at all. Thanks.
The frame is 14" long and 19" tall.

So here's the deal fellas. Some, well most of the little shit is really not worth trying to sell to you guys. So I'll just give some things away. Just pay for shipping.

Rear sets are stock. Free. Left side is bent a little from being dropped when caught on fire. Left peg is gone but linkage for shifter is still there. Right side is okay. Needs a new foot rest and master cylinder will need rebuilt.

2nd seat for 2up free. Just pay for shipping.

Headlight crack in lens itself and chrome bucket free.

As far as pics if y'all could just text me that'd be much appreciated. I can't get pics to upload on the forum and photobucket refuses to upload on 3G in my area.

Just text me when ever an I can send you all the pics you want. I'm sorry I can't upload them to the thread I'm still trying to find a way to get some good Internet access.

513-238-0617 let me know as well if you're a forum member too seeing as how some of the stuff is on Craigslist. Also I updating the list of stuff for sale.
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Hahaha alright. Then I can finally get around to sendin you that headlight bucket as well :doh:
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Lol honest I forgot about that but score! Lol

Thanks again man
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I actually just found the box yesterday as I was cleaning out the garage.
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Thanks for the measurements bud. 14"!!! What was in that thing? A pull start Briggs? Lol.

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Haha that's what I was thinking. The damn thing looks so much smaller than it was. I didn't realize how small these motors were.
Hey Andler, I need a clutch perch/master cylinder. My front end is '02 gsxr,so I need what ever m/c matches those calipers. Do you have these for sale?

edit-apparently (according to the m/c rebuild kit) 96-03 gsxr 750 all use the same kit. No mention of any other models. I think I need a 7/8 bore m/c. Not at all always.
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