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Hey guys Wanted to post for some feedback and different ideas for my project. It's gonna be a long winter and hopefully come spring time it'll be all finished :)

About the Bike: It's a 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3 I picked up off CL for $500. He said he had to send off for a new title but I've never heard back from him, but such is the list of craigs. I didn't get many pictures when I first got it home but the fairings were torn off, mangled and tossed in the back of the truck with it. The first two cylinder heads were blown and black soot was covering the engine on banks 1 and 2, but the engine wasn't locked and the starter spun the motor over so the fun could begin.

Up on the lift for the first time. Compression at 10,15,15,50 from banks 1-4 D: No bueno. (Plus the valve clearance on the first 3 intakes was absolute 0, not even a .004 would get under... Exhausts were alright, kinda close to .22 spec.)

Top end torn apart, valves removed, lapped twice and then stuck each one in the drill press, took an exacto knife and lathed the built up carbon off the valve heads and shafts. Took a few days... haha

After a few headaches and many many beers everything was back together, new shims ordered and math began. A few days later I had worked out the right sizes for each one (Never done bucket shims before, couple got stuck inside their homes so.. that was fun.) After taking the top end apart, then back together, then apart, then back together, then apart and finally back together for the last time we tested compression again. 150,150,160,165 !! Seeing the little flame of starter fluid as if came out the exhaust was magic to my eyes! My bike that I bought blind off CL, engine blown, not knowing anything about rebuilding these sportier engines and there was FIRE!

Oh, I forgot about the carb boots getting stuck to the engine! and two of the exhaust bolts came out of the engine block when I took off the pipes. :p Locktite on em when they went back in, and painted the pipes and the little tip it had flat black. I'm looking to get an actual muffler cause straight pipes and essentially a loudener is well... loud.

About a week to two it finally got off the lift! Short test drive on the crappy tires and smiles all around.

Installed a new headlight, new tires, tore off the big old speedo and did a little re-wiring.

Moved a couple sensors and hid the extra wires torn off the old head unit. Need some help on where to run these things and what to do with the wires I'm not going to be using. Speedo, Tach, Oil pressure, Coolant temp, Air vent (Grounded on left side of bike, pink wire) Turn signal indicators, Hi-Lo beam indicators, neutral indicator, side stand indicator. I think that's it..... haha

This is going to be my new speedo. It uses a magnet on the wheel and a sensor on the forks to count each revolution and gives you a speed based on that. ALGEBRAIC!

Yes that's cardboard, and yes it is protecting stuff.... :p

So that's it so far. I've only had it for a couple months but it went from very large paperweight to functional motorcycle. Occasional stutter on the pick up in first but it'll pull and haul ass if you need it to :)

What I plan on doing:
1: De-chroming the wheels and powder coating them, color unknown. (Anyone stripped thick chrome off a wheel? Can I do it chemically or is sandblasting the best method? Or is it less of a hassle to pay someone to do it?)
2: New headlight, clean up the cluttered front and remount the ign switch to the front left hole in the frame, just below the gas tank. That'll give me more room up front to push the headlight more flush to the forks :) Thinking maybe a diamond style with a cowel over the top and integrated signals.
3: New bar style LED taillight and chop some of the excess frame off. Rear seat has to sit on the rear frame crossbar and I want t passenger seat on this one.
4: Remount all electronics, sensors and relays out of the way and find some way to water proof them.
5: Front and rear fenders. Nothing big, just enough to not sling water, mud, dirt and stuff over the bike and myself.
6: Paint paint paint paint paint paint.
7: Remove all excess wires not needed to make it RUN. ya know? Someone tell me which wires and Imma choppin.

That's all I can think of now. It's my first build and I'm no where near as experienced as some of the guys on here so if anyone can help out with info on things I'd be so happy.

Thanks for looking and tell me what you think! :)

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Welcome to the circus man! These Hondas have been poppin up here quite a bit lately. great fighter bikes. Glad to see you brought it back from the dead. With a little searching I'm sure you can come up with a wiring diagram and service manual off the web. I've got both for my F2, not sure about what changes between F3 tho, if you need em. should be mostly the same. You came to the right place. Lookin good too by the way, nekkid and not afraid.

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Put on the new speedo today!

All backlit and viewable n shit. :p

Aluminum bars mounted inbetween the triple tree and ign switch to hold it for now until I remount the ign.

Using the 12volt instrument cluster lighting for the power to the speedo. (I redid this in proper bullet connectors with sleeves, just didnt get a picture of the finished product.)

Black bar is the sensor for the magnet. I took some automotive hose, cut it real short, crammed 2 magnets in there and pressed it in flush and trimmed the excess rubber. I highly recommend this technique for people who are switching to these Trailtech speedos. Normally you would have to drill or find a space for a bolt to go through the rotor, no bueno. I'll go back over it with Epoxy in the future to make it permanent, but for now it's just sitting in very snug and flush.

BICYCLE MIRROR! Not keeping it for long, but it makes me look legal to the unsuspecting 5-0.

Next step is to de-chrome the wheels. I found two small spots on the front wheel bead, where air has been leaking out. There's no local chrome shops though D:
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