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I have leftover parts (mostly S) from my naked conversion that I'd like to get out of my possession quickly. Hopefully it can help me fund the next phase of my SV's evolution. MAKE ME AN OFFER. Any reasonable offers will be entertained and possibly some unreasonable ones.

Parts list:
- fairing stay (some minor surface rust and may be ever so slightly tweaked on the left side where the bike went down) SOLD
- Silver center fairing (minor scuffing on left side flange_not visible with complete fairing assembled)
- windshield (faded and discolored) SOLD
- dash assembly
- mirrors (light scuffing on RH side) SOLD
- Headlight assembly (damaged rear housing on left side, but fully functional. includes working bulbs)
- S gauge pod assembly (I also have plug end of S front sub-harness for splicing into naked harness for naked to S conversion if wanted)
- top triple
- bottom triple clamp/steering stem
- RH clip-on
- LH clip-on
- fairing brackets SOLD
- clutch cable CLAIMED
- throttle cables (push and pull) CLAIMED
- Rear factory brake line
- front factory brake lines + splitter
- front driving light
- factory rear turn indicators (x2-one w/ connector cut) SOLD
- factory front turn indicator (one side only w/ connector cut)
- License plate illuminator lamp (connector cut)
- red and amber reflex lenses + brackets
- Silver RH front fairing (minor scuffs and a couple of large cracks, but still fully functional)
- Silver RH tail fairing SOLD
- Charcoal gray tail center section
- Charcoal gray front sprocket cover
- passenger seat cushion (vinyl is faded and cracked)
- rear seat release latch and lock
- radiator fan
- factory throttle tube
- horn and mounting bracket
- LH switch cube
- Rear grab bar (6/10) SOLD
- tail light assembly
- S Bar ends with mounting bolts (one is badly scuffed, both have some surface rust)
- naked bar ends (one is mildly scuffed w/ minor surface rust, one is near mint) SOLD
- chrome factory levers (brake side ball end is snapped off)
- RH factory foot peg SOLD
- RH factory S rear master cylinder bracket (naked shown-not for sale)
- RH factory heel guard
- LH heel guard (slightly bent)
- shift linkage shaft
- Naked mirrors SOLD
- Naked radiator cover (one side only)
- Sub-frame (some fairing mounting tabs are cut and the front seat retention wire is detached on one side. Minor surface rust.) SOLD

I dont expect to get much for some of this stuff, in fact if someone is willing to pay shipping or a local pickup they can have some of it for free. Like I said, make me an offer.

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