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Eff Tee Pee
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def. clear, flushmount blinkers. and a RUI sticker!!

that'll make you like twice as bad! and 3x as fast!

changing your gearing makes your bike feel a hell of a lot torquier, and is relatively cheap. But i prefer to have the top end available!

most people do a Power Commander III and a slip on exhaust as the first mods, and that'll gain you + or - around 10 hp.


NorthEast Streetfighters
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first best mod is undertail kit to get rid of that ugly shit on the back of ur bike
second full exhaust more expensive but worth it
third mod
dampner need i say more
fourth power commander if u want more hp outa previous mods
then to pimp it rui cause erbody loves us!

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5th mod, join this one is the most expensive listed I think you'll agree

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I would in this order
1. undertail
2. exhaust
3. steel braided lines
4. power comander
5. damper
6. start adding carbon fiber and titanium
7. reverse the shift pattern
8. beat the piss out of it
9. custom fighters stickers

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts