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Fixing dents in a tank

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Okay well I just bought a bobber project and the previous owner thought it would be a good idea to beat the front corners of the tank in to clear the controls on his stupidly low drag bars. Now I am no body repair guy but it seems like it would be impossible to try and repair them. I am looking for suggestions on what can be done, it looks like a half a baseball dent in each corner and they are not even or nicely done either, its pretty rough. This is not a show bike so doesnt need to be perfect but it looks like crap right now. So far I have only come up with 2 options, does anyone have any suggestions or can come up with any other options?

A.) Cut each corner evenly and weld a piece of sheet metal over the holes (will look pretty odd having two flat corners on an otherwise round tank though)

B.) Fill it full of a pound of bondo (assuming you can even fill something thats like 3 inches deep in with bondo. I'm guessing youd have to do layers so that it could cure)

A replacement tank is out of the question unless someone has a Suzuki VS 1400 intruder tank they want to sell me cheap (They are like $250-300 on eBay and I paid $500 for the bike itself)

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Pull the dents, then bondo.
Pull the dents, then bondo.
+1, buy a pack of studs from HF for like $2, mig weld em in place and then use a slide hammer puller (you can rent one from autozone or checkers) and pull them bitches out the best you can then bondo over whats left.
put a cup or 2 of gas in it, seal it as best as you can except for a wee little hole. then light that fucker. itll kaboom the dents right out for you.... i actually have no good answer that hasnt been said already im just bored at work.

i have gotten to the inside of the dents before from the fuel pump mount to get them most of the way out. you could also look up how to use a torch to remove dents. ive done it before on older cars with thicker metal. ruins the paint obviously. may help
yeah pull and fill would be the best option. if you cant get a bent bar or soemthing through a hole on the bottom and tap it out. clean the tank out real good. I've gotten lucky with soapy hot water in and out shaking lots. then work on it while its still steamy and wet inside. or Ive heard fill with co2 to neutralize any gas fumes. Then like mentioned the uni spotter or similar to weld tabs on and pull with slide hammer. then skim of filler and paint that thing up.
if the dents are 3inches deep as you say you cant "just pull it out" because the metal is too stretched to come back to original form without shrinking it. Bondo is also out of the question because it will just crack out being that deep, you could use some sort of fiber reinforced filler but even that isnt really the "right way" to do it. There is more than one way to skin an cat and everybody knows a "trick" and has a "tip" that will "work", with going by your explanation there is no way to fix the tank without cutting it open somewhere, imo the easiest thing to do other than buying a new tank is to cut the sections out and patch them up. If you dont have somebody that can weld it up for you and you dont have a welder with a gas sheild set up you might as well just buy a new tank. If you decide to do this yourself and cut the tank open... FOR FUCKS SAKE DONT USE SOMETHING THAT MAKES FIRE OR SPARKS!!!!!! People have tons of way to purge the tank and "vent" it but unless you can fill the tank with inert gas its best to not try your luck.

hope this helps some, please post picture if you can.
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Pics please,
To put a 3" dent into a tank must be over a large area and would be very difficult to achieve. Since the front of the tank must be a complete mess forget it and replace the tank.
fill it up with water and put the tank in a deep freeze
I will get some pictures today, I am thinking I am just going to bondo glass it and then plasti dip it and keep my eyes out for a good replacement tank. I paid $500 for the bike and the only tank I can find available is on ebay and at $280

deathmetaldan, like you said, I dont think there is any chance at all these dents can be pulled, they are about a 3-3.5" circles that are dented in probably 2" at the center (the deepest part), they were done with a hammer so the metal is definitely stretched.
fill it up with water and put the tank in a deep freeze
Ive heard that is a sure fire way to split the tank
Well I found a perfect shape tank with crappy paint for a good price so this thread can be considered closed.

glad you got it worked out
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