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Fixing someone else's mistakes...

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Well, here's my '99 Yamaha R6 as it sits today. I bought it from the PO in this condition. It was in fairly rough shape when I got it. Exhaust was dented and scratched from being dropped, mess of wires on the front end, shoddy paint job, bad wire connections, loose wires, gauge was wedged between a cable and the bars, etc. My initial plans are just to fix everything that the PO was lazy with. After that, I'll be cutting the exhaust down, taking a wire wheel to the headers, painting and wrapping them and painting the tank and tail. Not sure about doing the frame. I don't really have the resources to drop the engine and I'm not willing to do a half assed job with it. Progress is going to be painfully slow over the summer as I'm going to be living 6 hours away from home because of a course I'm doing with the Army plus the fact that this is my first time doing any real wrenching on a bike. Hopefully I'll be able to tackle everything over the winter at least and have a VERY good base to work on come spring time.

On to what you guys really want to see. I'll be adding some more pictures once I have the time to really highlight all the horrible things about this bike.

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Good luck man, sounds like me with my bikes! Electrical issues out the ass, guess that's just how it goes haha.
Bought front and rear stands and some tools yesterday afternoon. Planned to remove the wheels. Nope! Calliper bolts are torqued on so tightly and the metal the bolts are made from is so soft that they were going to strip or snap right off if I put more force into it. Oh well, I'll suck it up and pay the 95 for removal and tire mounting and balancing and ask them to give me new bolts and never deal with shitty hardware until I find the next thing that's absolutely dummied on this bike.
At least I'm learning a ton about working on bikes? Lol
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Well, got some bad news, got some good news.

Took my bike to in to get a safety inspection done. Got a call today about it and basically the tune of the conversation was "It needs a lot of work to pass inspection, new fork, or at least a new triple, new bearings, new a lot basically." Got quoted between 1500-2000 for parts and labour.

But, this is where my brain started ticking. Why put an older, less advanced fork on my bike for 6-700 through the shop, when I can browse classifieds and eBay and find something super cool and newer for probably less.

Big updates to follow, just a question of when.
If you want to paint the frame without dropping the motor just mask everything off and spray away. If you take your time it won't look half ass. Aluminum foil works great for blocking off wires, radiator, and such other things that tape may not stick to.

Good luck with the build. I hope you got it at a goo price at least.
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It was 2300, but I did sell my CBR125 for 1900 (Made a profit from selling), so I'm not too concerned. It's not like this bike is my primary means of transportation so if it takes a while to get ready, I'm ok with that.
Do work man...sounds like you got a plan forming. Cant wait to see what you come up with.
Made a little process on the bike. Basically my priority right now is to be able to get it plated.

Cleaned up the mess of wiring at the front of the bike. I really would like to cut all the wiring as short as possible, but I know that right after I do that, something will happen that I need it to be longer. So for right now, it's staying the way it is. Also tightened up the slip-on, which was another issue for the safety.

Anywho, enough about the bad stuff, let's talk about some good. The shop did do me one favour, they fixed my transmission for FREE! Short of the long, bike was on the kick stand and like an idiot, I left it idling in my driveway, went to the garage and as I was walking back, it fell down on its left side. After that, I could only upshift consistently and I could only downshift at high RPMs. So, I'm quite happy, and my transmission feels absolutely amazing now. The engine is running great, apart from the choke cable not being attached to anything, still haven't figured out where it attaches to, and google and the service manual haven't been very helpful.

I'll give you guys some pictures now so you can see what I'm working with.

Basically, complete fuckery with this wiring, then I spent a few minutes and got everything as sorted out as I could for it. During the winter, I plan on completely redoing all the wiring, as I'm not totally confident with it in its current state.


This picture is a personal favourite of mine. Two VERY quick fixes right beside each other. PO has the gauge literally sitting there with nothing holding it, same with the cup. So I decided to ziptie it into place so it wouldn't flop everywhere and the cup, I just cut up the bracket that went around a cable and bent it around the bar.

I'll be taking care of the headers at some point. Not high on the priority. Kinda the same deal with the exhaust. They're both looking ugly at the moment, but still functional so I'm not in any rush.

Fresh tires front and rear, I got Vee Rubber Edge. Price was right ($220 for the set) as I just needed something quick as a hold me over because the old tires were both flat in the middle. I rode home in the rain yesterday from the shop, and I only spun the tire once. Not too bad for a cheapie tire. Maybe I'll write up a review after some more time on them. Unfortunately, they didn't have the "right" size for the front and it sits too high and rubs the fender. So, I think I'll be getting a dirt bike fender. Any suggestions?

Hopefully now you guys have a bit better of an idea of the absolute mess I'm dealing with. I'm not even all that upset. Gives me a great opportunity to get my hands dirty and learn a lot of stuff by fucking everything up the first time, and then going back to fix it.

I'll leave you guys with this picture
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With those forks you could just go fenderless for now.

Def look into getting some USD forks.

Cheap on ebay and craiglist if you look around.

Nice work on cleaning up the wiring.

Bike has a lot of potential.
I wasnt sure by looking at the seat covers, but is that an R6:LolLolLolLol:
Good looking project, the people here will definitely help you along the way. Just ask
Seats will be getting recovered eventually. Considering a tail swap too, but I would like to find a seat that's a bit more comfy as well.

Can't go fenderless as it's required by law in the province I live.
Bad news guys. The dreams for this bike have died. Riding to do the motorcycle training course this morning and on the way there, the engine cut out. Scared the shit out of me when I started skidding until I figured I should probably pull the clutch in. I'll post pictures when I'm less sad about things.
I'm sorry man...
Hope you didn't get too banged up...
No, I'm alright. Just sucks that everything came to such an abrupt halt. I don't have the know how or the money to get this fixed. I suppose if anyone is looking for a bike for a new project, it's yours! Haha.
Holy fuck, my brain stopped working as I typed that...Engine lower case is what I was trying to say. If it was just a cover, I'd definitely be repairing it.

As usual, thanks for the help!
Dang I was hoping to bring you some good news lol...

Take a picture of what got messed up if you can, there might be something that can be done...
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