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Flexible exhaust piping...

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Anyone ever use it? I may need to use it for the custom exhaust I am planning for my SF Gix.

Also, where to get black pipe wrap and how well does it hold up?

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good point about the flexpipe spyder...all those ups and downs and corners make it way hard for the exhaust to get out ..definately would suck up power.
haelo said:
Flex pipe is an -if you absolutely need it- thing.

i coulda used it once..for my old scirrocio, but i didnt have i tried duct tape.

duct tape doesnt hold on things that get hot, like exhausts...or ducting for that matter.


now i know this. and knowing is half the battle.
dont forget boxes! it holds onto boxes like a mo-fo.

yah i killed that poor vee dub. jumping train tracks. no exhaust. girls dancing on it...and the eventual blown headgaskets over and over.then crack.
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