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Flexible exhaust piping...

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Anyone ever use it? I may need to use it for the custom exhaust I am planning for my SF Gix.

Also, where to get black pipe wrap and how well does it hold up?

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catman said:
Hey Doug ,
When i wrapped my header last week or so , skrooze gave me alot of good input , and also added that when the black gets wet and weathered it turns color ?? Might want to ask him about it before you decide on the color of wrap ??
And most race or speed shops have it in stock and skrooze was also right about the ties they sell that go for the wrap suck, don't work well and are defective !! :D
Just my input, but as far as wrapping your headers, hope your bike is never in the rain or left outside. The water soaks in and around and clings on to the pipe until it rust. Give it about a year..... I'll show pics as soon as I find them of a set of headers after the header wrap was removed.... Just my advice, do what you like, just trying to help.
catman said:
I DID repaint it first in high temp exhaust paint and heated it up to let it cure a little if that will help ?? pluss my bike don't see much rain. I'm actauly building this bike to stunt. As good as it's gonna look, I'm going to destroy it in a year or two and build it again anyways ???

Well, in your situation, with the high temp paint and admitting your gonna be abusing the bike anyhow, I would say go for it. But in general, the exhaust wrap isnt theb est idea even though it looks sexy as hell..
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