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Flexible exhaust piping...

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Anyone ever use it? I may need to use it for the custom exhaust I am planning for my SF Gix.

Also, where to get black pipe wrap and how well does it hold up?

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The best thing to useto hold on exhaust wrap is safelt wire.. It's thin so you cant see it much, its strong, and you can pull it real fuckin tight. Ill swear by the exhaust wrap, that help's out alot.

As for the flex pipe, I wouldnt even use that on my car. Theres so many ripple in the pipe the exhaust has to fight its way to get out taking away power and perfomance. Besides it rust's out and rot's faster because of exhaust condensation and the elements outside, it looks ugly as sin lol. But thats just my opinion..
catman said:
Nope sorry I'm a thread jacker, and should be chastized !!
I was talking about my wrap job. and should have deleted my post anyways. I'm stoked and bored at work !!:squid:
I didnt even see this pix dude.. post up another thread

Geez MY BAD DOG!! MA BAD lol
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