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Flexible exhaust piping...

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Anyone ever use it? I may need to use it for the custom exhaust I am planning for my SF Gix.

Also, where to get black pipe wrap and how well does it hold up?

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Cool, thanks Endo.
next question: How cool does the wrap stay on the outside? Can you touch it with bike running or will it still burn?
Thanks for all the replies guys. Much appreciated.

Spyder;I am with ya on the safety wire thing...that is what I was planing on using to hold it on anyway.

As far as why I am gonna use, when you see my exhaust and what I am doing, it will make my life a lot easier. And, with the wrap around it, no one should know that it was used in the first place. :D
catman said:
One of the 2 guys on here who has done it before and neither even replied when i finished mine :confused:

I think i have a problem making friends :) j/p :cfrocks:
1. what are you saying?

2. You used flex pipe? Pics?
We'll see if I have to sue it or not..there may be some other issues the exhaust I am planning. Good thing I have a back up kick ass exhaust plan anyway. Either way, it'll be better than stock. :ninja:
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