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Pulled them off my slingshot project. Theres nothing wrong with them as far as I can tell. I just put a Hayabusa rear end on the 750 and used a GSX-R600 front end with a straight spoke wheel to match the rear. The chrome has a bit of putting and surface rust, but theyre mechanically sound from what I can see. They appear straight, both hold air like they should and the lips look good on both of them. The rear has a 180 tire on it but you can probably get it to a 190 depending on the brand of tire(exact widths vary a couple mm's depending on the brand).

Included with these wheels are both the front and rear rotors, Cush drive, rear sprocket, basically anything directly attached to the wheels they come with them. Since theyre chrome AND are complete WITH tires theyre pretty heavy so shipping could get costly. I'm asking $100 PLUS SHIPPING to the CONUS only for BOTH complete wheels with tires, which to me seems like a really good deal. I'll put the trade value at around $150 and I'll also gladly accept partial trades(item(s) plus cash).

I'll have detailed pictures up soon. This is all I have for the time being:

Please PM me with questions and offers so I dont have to constantly check this thread. If you post up here with questions and offers then it might be a long while before you hear back and thats not mmmkay, Thank you.
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