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lb/hp is what it's about!
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2007 250xcw
It has about 30 minutes on new top end (you can have the old piston if you want)
FMF Gnarly pipe and PowerCore 2 muffler
New V-Force 4 cage and carbon reeds
17x3.5/5 Behr wheels with cush drive
Stock dirt wheels are included
310mm Braking rotor
4 piston billet Braking caliper
Brembo 16x18 master cylinder
SMR rear shock
Stock forks, seals started leaking on my last ride
New chain
New Twin Air filter
Suspension bearings were just gone through and either replaced or regreased

I'll admit it isn't pretty, but it is fast and it's a blast on the track. Only selling because no one in my group has big bikes anymore. Everyone seems to be switching to 80/85cc track bikes.

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