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Four weeks ago was the second time in eight months I was hit by a car and the bike written off. This time though I needed surgery and since it was two weeks before my first child was born I've reflected on what's important to me. Fun though biking is and I know I'll miss it, the amount of idiotic driving I've seen and been on the receiving end of means I'm taking a safer option that I hope will tip the odds in my favour of seeing my son grow up.

So that's the sob story :) . I'll update this thread as I take a sort of inventory through my garage and will add pics as I go along. If there's anything listed that you might be interested in but I've not put included a pic of yet, I'll post a pic for you right away on request.

If you want to call round to our place in Christchurch to see what might be of interest you'll find I won't refuse any reasonable offer (please don't take the piss, though. Which reminds me we have nappies to buy) and we'll make you a half decent cup of tea.


Added on August 7th

Koso XR-SR digital speedo/clocks & speed sensor. - £80
Was intended for my TT600 streetfighter (the one that got smashed). Never got a chance to fit it.

Scorpion road legal stubby exhaust. - £90
Three bolt fitting suitable for a GSXR, I guess other bikes with the same bolt spacing.

Renthal fat bars in silver + grips. - £40

Triumph TT600 / Speed Four 2001 frame. - £30
From a Cat B bike so for track use only.

Triumph TT600 / Speed Four subframe - £20

Triumph TT600 / Speed Four front wheel, slight rim scuffing but otherwise good shape and a tyre with loads of life in it. - £50

Triumph TT600 / Speed Four swing arm - £20

Triumph TT600 / Speed Four chain guard - £10

A bag of GSXR fairing clips which I had for my GSX-R750 K2 - £3

Richa blue, black and silver one-piece leathers, size UK 46. - £80
Worn about ten times, haven't been slid down the road, untouched sliders, suitable for you if you're 5' 10" to 6' 1" (or so) and haven't eaten too many pies.

Yamaha R1 2002-2003 5PW rider's seat - £20

Sidi Black Rain waterproof boots, UK size 9.5, EUR size 44 - £30

All in one rain suit / oversuit in black. - £5
Won't make you a contender for the starring role in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie, but it does its job well.

Oxford 1 tank bag - £10

Biketek Front & rear paddock stands in red. - £25

Hein Gericke black jeans. - £20
Hiprotec, Shelltex, waterproof. Padded knees and knee armour.

Hein Gericke blue, black and white leather jacket. - £10
About 10 years old. Size is... up to about 44" chest and minimal pie consumption. I kept it handy as a spare.

Hein Gericke grey and black all weather touring jacket - £40
Removable waterproof liner. Removable thermal liner. Vented. Sizing as above. Storm collar. All weather but my preferred winter jacket.

Richa red and black air vent jacket - £40
Removable waterproof liner. Removable thermal liner. Vented. Sizing as above. All weather but my preferred summer jacket.

Oxford Sport humpback panniers - £40

Morgan carbtune - £40

Alpinestars back protector - £20
Cross torsion linkage, apparently.

Oxford flame neck warmer - £2

Hein Gericke waterproof gloves, size M - £5

No-brand black neck warmer - £1

Kett winter gloves, size M - £1

Motrax visor bag, belt type. Blue. - £2

An ear plug. Looks like it was used. Decent offers only as it looks like there's enough DNA on it to clone me from. - £1,000,000

Armoured summer gloves. Discretely branded Kawasaki. - £5

Visor anti-mist. 25ml jar, almost full. - £2

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