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lb/hp is what it's about!
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I'm planning to move later this year and have been selling off the toys and this is one of them that didn't make the cut. I'll put a quick break down of what it is in this ad but here's a link to the build thread.

- ex500 engine, radiator, modified wiring harness
- PCR chassis
- single rear brake
- extra wheels
- lots of tires
- trail tech gauge but isn't wired up
- quick release steering wheel to get in/out easier
- electric start still works
- electrics are hidden in the front number panel/steering column cover
- geared to top out at 80-85mph

The bad:
- there is a crack at the top corner of the gas tank (some tape and run with a low fuel level and you're fine)
- there are no front brakes
- the frame and brackets should be painted to prevent rust

I'm asking $1100 for it and I'm near Milwaukee, WI.


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Who's that weirdo sitting in that thing?
I can attest that this is far more than 1100 bucks worth of fun, if I had less projects and a potential move I'd be PMing now. GLWS Mike.

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Oh its been sat in by SuperStar Ken. Its now priceless!!! Good luck with the sale dude.
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