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I have a 1989 Ford Metropolitan Four Door Bronco on a F350 1Ton Frame with 7.3L IDI Non Turbo Diesel

Very reliable and very durable, will haul anything and go anywhere.

Whats new on truck;
S.E.M. bedliner front to back for interior
4 Sets of Kenwood eXcelon speakers front to back
Kenwood eXcelon head unit
Locking center console
All matching Dickey black seat covers front to back
Driver/passenger side window motors
Rear hatch window motor
Weather stripping
Plastidip paint job
Water Pump
Serp belt
Glow Plugs
Glow Plug Controller Relay
Top End Gaskets
Bottom End Gaskets
Rebuilt transmission with new gaskets
Valley Pan
Fuel Pump screw turned up for little exhaust smoke effect and more power
4" Aeroturbine 4040 muffler, 4" exhaust y-pipe back with new Powerstroke angled dual exhaust tip
Entire engine fluid flush
Fresh oil
Fresh antifreeze with the coolant additive supplement
Ball joints
Skyjacker leveling lift kit 3"
Skyjacker dual steering stabilizer
Fresh Alignment
Fender Flares
Spare tire swing and matching size spare
And im sure im missing a few things so dont hesitate to ask...

Now the bad that everything has;
It is not 100% there are things everyone will have problems with, that leaves room for your touch to it. The seats are not matching yet are comfortable and do the job, this is why i have all matching covers.
I dont mind it but again some may care, there are only lap seat belts front to back.
No headliner yet! I plan on getting a sheet of diamond plate and putting it as a headliner because it fits along with the rest of the diamond plate accents ive done with the interior.
The speedo does not work. Oil/Temp/Rpm's work which I find most important anyway. I was told its just a loose ground but I dont know electronics.
Now as its always been said a diesel that doesnt leak is the one with the problem... this diesel leaks... not much or anything to worry about, everything has been replaced and fixed where leaking might be of its the usual leak.

Only 134,xxx miles! 4x4 works great! Heat works great! AC is cool not cold(I was told a recharge will get it there)! Starts up and runs great! Front tires are matching with about 50% tread, Rear tires are matching with about 60% tread, and spare has about 50% tread also.

Like ive previously said almost all the rust on the body of this thing has been replaced fixed prepped and looks great! Yes the fender flares cover small holes above the wheel wells where rust had previously gotten to it but its since been prepped coated and should not spread or rust anymore.

I am looking for trade or best offer. I would trade for a 93-00 Ford F-150/F-250 and 93-00 Chevy K1500/K2500. Must be in good shape, 4x4, and v8 gas or diesel engine.

Also interested in a Ford Excursion. Can add cash with mine if needed.


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What a piece of junk. I'll give you an address if you're looking for a place to dump it :D

GLWS. Cool truck from a cool dude.
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