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hey guys
I thought i posted here ages ago, as iv'e been lurking and posting occationally for a while now. but anyway here i am now.

ive gotten alot of inspiration here and now im finally starting on my own bike which i will start a build thread soon.
but anyway ive got a few bikes
2001 fz1 which i love the style of the first gen fz1 so that will probabley remain how it is.
a 1991 bandit 400 which when i finally get it running will be my wifes learner and my trackday bike needs a new cdi if anyone has one.
and my new project which will have to be seen in my build thread when i get it going.

:edit build thread here:

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Welcome RW! I actually thought your name was familiar also. Either way, glad you're here & looking forward to your build thread! As soon as you post your pics, I REP ya....;)
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