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Found my way back

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Hey everyone,
Ive been away from the site for a long time but Ive got a Bandit (well actually 2) again so I thought i might as well say hello and introduce the new bikes.
My previous bandit was killed when we got rear ended at about 50mph years ago. But Ive missed having one ever since.
I found a two-fer deal on the list that i couldnt pass up this last year and ended up bringing these home.
Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Automotive tire

Sky Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Neither bike was running at the time but the previous owner swore they had been when he parked one and partially disassembled the second for some reason.
Took me a while but i got the first gen sorted out. I have yet to start on the other.
Tire Sky Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle

Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

this is the bike as it sits now. I may do a thread for the build on the second one in the future.
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Welcome back in!

Later, Doug
My firtst though "What a weird speed triple" xD
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