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Frame + Engine from Breakers vs. Wrecked Bike

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Hi all,

I'm thinking of building a Baby Blade (CBR400) fighter. I can get hold of either a wrecked bike, but I don't know how much for, or a frame, forks and engine from a breakers.

Now, besides that I'll need a sarm and wheels etc., my main worry is the electrical system, finding bolts and pipes. Are these particularly difficult to find? Is it overall much more difficult to build up a parted bike?
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I'm in Southern England. I've located a frame, forks and engine in good condition but I've never built up a bike from those components, so I'm not entirely sure exactly what I'll need to find.

I've also found a wrecked VFR400 NC30 of similar age but I'm unaware of the price atm.

I'd prefer the broken CBR as I'd like to gain more mechanical knowledge, but if it's going to be ridiculous to get parts I'll leave it.
Haha. Yeah I saw that site, looks wicked. Shame I'm in the UK though. :(

Nah, I can get the bikes it's just decided whether to go for wrecked or built it up from the frame + engine. I guess I'm more looking for an overview of what everyone thinks is involved.
I just phoned the guy who said he had the broken parts. Turns out they were from the same bike, so I could get a running machine easily. Thanks for your help guys.
thanks, that's helpful to hear. i've got my dad and a guy we know that can help with the extremely technical sections (and welding), but for the most part i'll be building it up. the thing i was most worried about is the electrical system since i don't know about transplanting them from other bikes, but i've found an intact system now anyway. piecing it all together i imagine is simple.

next task, swinging arm from a cbr 600 transplant. :eek:
Thanks for the advice. I'll have a read of the swingarm thread then.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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