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When I bought my Fireblade, the Frame members under the tank were pretty highly polished.
The rear section of the frame was still painted with the original silver.
So I decided to have a go at polishing the painted bits to match the rest of the frame.
I sanded the paint off with 180 on my orbital, then went to 400, 800, 1500 to get a smooth finish and polished it with some mag polish and a drill mounted cloth wheel.

It came up pretty shiny, but still not as mirror like as the origonal parts.

So I then invested in a spindle for my buff, and some larger cloth buffing wheels, and metal polish bars.
Had another go at it, but its still not as crisp as the original shine.

Im wondering if there are 2 different alloys ? Or maybe I will have to sand back the whole frame to get an even shine.

Other options Im considering are a brushed metal finish, with clear over it, or powdercoated.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Don't need anything fancy, I was after a super glossy look and I got it, costed a whole $15 for a big can of good etching primer and glossy Tremclad.. laid it on nice and thick, but not so thick that it dripped, just enough to keep it looking wet.. ghetto fabulous.... Matte is even easier
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